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Wednesday, March 25

TimeTheaterGrand Ballroom BRoom 203/204Room 209/210Grand Ballroom DGrand Ballroom EGrand Ballroom CGrand Ballroom FGHRoom 206Room 207
08:00 Breakfast (Exhibit Hall A2)

09:00 Building Applications for the Cloud with Amazon (Grand Ballroom FGH)

10:10 Building Communities: The Rise and Fall and Rise of the CDT Project

See what's baking in WTP Incubator

Real World RCP

Seeing the Forest for The Trees: Sifting Through Javadoc and Code

  Identity Management in Your RCP Application with Higgins

Who Is BIRT? Solving Your Data Visualization Needs with Open Source Reporting

Single Sourcing: Extend your RCP Application to the Web with RAP

UI Testing Patterns and Best Practices

11:10 From source to automated builds with Buckminster and p2

New Features, Tips and Tricks coming to Webtools (WTP 3.1)

UI Components Showcase

"C" is for Concurrency and Cleverness

Agile Modernization using Automated PIM Extraction from non-OO legacy systems

  e4 - flexible resources for next generation applications and tools

OSGi for Eclipse Developers

Climb the Babel Tower

Reverse debugging, Multi-Process and Non-stop debugging come to the CDT

12:00 Lunch (Exhibit Hall B)

13:30 PDE State of the Union

Runtime Riena and SOA

Higher-level UI programming

BIRT Usage Models

  Model Driven Legacy Modernization (Hands On)

Building LinkedIn's Next Generation Architecture with OSGI

Mylyn: Redefining the ā€œIā€ of the IDE

Using CDT APIs to programmatically introspect C/C++ code.

Sleeping Around: Writing tools that work in Eclipse, Visual Studio, Ruby, and the Web

14:30 Eclipse @ eBay

Eclipse and Maven

SOA: Data Services and Integration

CDT for Linux

  Web to desktop, desktop to web

Introduction to Groovy

  Blueprint Service: Enterprise Programming Model for OSGi

15:30 The Unbearable Stupidity of Modeling

Web-centric New Technology

Profiling and Testing with TPTP

CDT beyond just C/C++

  Advanced JPA (Java Persistence API) development lab - Dali futures sneak peek

Working in the Cloud: Development, Deployment and Project Management for

What's new in p2?

Coming soon to OSGi - Standard framework launching and composite bundles!

16:30 Symmetric Service Oriented Programming

Cool Things

Testing for GUI, Embedded Systems, Systems Engineering and Distributed Products.

Runtime Deployment

What's next for device development in Eclipse

The Modeled UI in Eclipse e4

Take all Eclipse technologies. Shake. Stir. Tada ! You have an high-level IDE. (Better served chilled)

  Plugin reuse and adaptation with Object Teams: Don't settle for a compromise!

17:20 Poster Reception (Great America Ballroom JK)