Discovering models out of existing applications with MoDisco

Frederic Madiot (OBEO)

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This talk has been accepted but has not yet been assigned a time slot.

The MoDisco project is a framework dedicated to Model-Driven Reverse Engineering use-cases : quality analysis, understanding, reverse-modeling, refactoring or migration. To facilitate reuse of components between several use-cases, MoDisco is organized in three layers: the Use-Cases layer containing components providing a solution for a specific modernization use-case, the Technologies layer containing components dedicated to one legacy technology but independent from the modernization use case, the Infrastructure layer containing generic components independent from any legacy technology. This poster will present this global architecture and some of the key components already available : Java discoverer and metamodel to create models from Java applications, a generic Model Browser to navigate through a reverse-engineered model and transformations to KDM and UML to export discovered models into tools compliant with those standards.

Frederic Madiot is the CTO of Mia-Software. He is responsible for the R&D and technical strategy on model-driven solutions such as Mia-Generation, the template-based code generation tool he created ten years ago. He recently contributed to the creation of the MoDisco project, Eclipse/GMT model-driven reverse-engineering platform. With a background in object-oriented technologies Frederic has 15 years of experience in developing tools to industrialize the development of large projects and helping people on projects taking the benefit of these tools. Since two years, Frederic participates to Modelplex, a research project co-funded by the European Commission to provide Eclipse-based tools to develop complex systems.


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