SOA: Ecosystems

Oisin Hurley, Zsolt Beothy-Elo (Talend), Adrian Mos, Fy RAVOAJANAHARY (INRIA (Institute national de recherche en informatique et en automatique))

Frameworks - SOA · Long - curated
Thursday, 14:30, 50 minutes | Room 203/204


Eclipse Community Registry, a building block to foster the adoption of the Eclipse Runtime

In 2008 the Eclipse Foundation created the new top-level project called the Eclipse runtime project with the goal to foster, promote and house runtime efforts in the Eclipse community. The idea of the Eclipse community registry project is to help promote the runtime project by providing a platform for the users of the Eclipse runtime where they can not only publish and expose their services created with the Eclipse runtime, but also where they can explore services of other users, test and integrate them in their applications. The Eclipse Community Registry project shall support to establish an ecosystem where users get the chance to evaluate published services, propose enhancements and new features for existing services, but also to request completly new services, which are implemented by other community members. At the moment the Eclipse community registry is only a project idea. The focus of the talk will therefore be to get into a discussion with the audience abou the the followng topics:

If you are keen to participate in a project that is still in its definition phase from the very beginning you should attend the talk.

galaxy, an open agile platform using dynamic software architecture

This presentation gives an overview of INRIA’s galaxy that aims at providing an open IT agile platform, built on dynamic software architecture principles, and fitting for flexibility, adaptability and dynamic reconfiguration. The galaxy toolset will provide an agile design and modeling environment based on Eclipse, as well as deployment, execution, monitoring and management of standards-based runtime platforms (SCA-based FraSCAti middleware and GCM/ProActive component for grid computing) and the composite and business process oriented applications. The vision of galaxy revolves around agility at all layers of the IT stack (infrastructure/runtime, application architecture, business application). Leveraging Eclipse modeling support such as EMF and GMF, changes in application design and models are quickly and dynamically propagated to the technical implementation and the runtime environment. Conversely, changes in the system runtime and architecture become visible in the appropriate context in the design space. Coupling design / modeling and monitoring components is essential for providing such agility and the presentation will focus on the galaxy metamodel-based design and its leverage of the Eclipse platform for design dynamic software architectures and SOA-based systems.

Oisín Hurley is an Open Source Tools Architect at Progress Software. He’s the PMC lead for the Eclipse SOA Tools top-level project, and a committer on the Orbit, SCA Tools and WTP Incubator projects.

Keen to land an indoor job with no heavy lifting, Oisín started out on the road to software development in the early 1980’s, when his first task was to write a computer program to sort change for a maths teacher. His software skills quickly outgrew such fripperies, but when the luster wore off the vision of becoming a multimillionaire games developer, he went to TCD in Dublin, Ireland to get a Computer Science degree. After a couple of years of post-graduate doldrums, he was offered a job at the freshly-minted IONA Technologies. Delighted to have achieved his job goal, he enthusiastically accepted and has been there since 1993. He now works for Progress Software, a change that he managed to achieve without even leaving his desk.

His current interests are domain specific languages for enterprise software development and Open Source software.

It turned out that there was a lot more heavy lifting than he expected.

Zsolt Beothy-Elo is a software engineer at SOPERA GmbH located in Bonn, Germany. Zsolt has more than 10 years experience in building repositories and using them.

Adrian is an Eclipse Foundation committer to the STP project and the component lead for the STP Intermediate Model component. He currently serves as Technical Lead for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) projects in the Tuvalu team in INRIA. Prior to this position, he has worked in both industrial and research environments focusing on building automated management solutions for enterprise Java systems. Adrian holds a PhD from Dublin City University, Ireland and a Computer Engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Romania.

Fy currently serves as SOA Engineer in Tuvalu team in the French National Institut for Research in Computer Science and Control. He's involved in the "galaxy" project which aims at building an open-SOA platform by gathering INRIA's technologies. He's involved in the "SemEUsE" French project as well, where he leads the tooling workpackage. Prior to this position, he has worked in software industry. Fy holds a Bs in Computer Engineering and a Master's degree in Computer Science from Joseph Fourier University, France.

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