Extending BIRT – Enterprise report management and distribution

Niru Mallavarupu

Frameworks - Reporting · Short - 25 minutes zip files
Wednesday, 13:30, 25 minutes | Room 209/210


Enterprise BI deployments need not only a reporting system that can create and view reports, but also a framework that can make it easy for reports to be run ad-hoc and distributed within an enterprise over multiple touch points. It is also critical that security is fully enforced, as reports may contain sensitive data.

Bluenog has extended BIRT and integrated it into the Bluenog ICE software suite to provide enterprise-grade report management with security, scheduling, versioning, and archiving of reports and report instances. BIRT was integrated with a variety of open source projects from Apache Jetspeed, Lucene, Wicket, Quartz, and Jackrabbit. This integration, which will be described in detail in this presentation, meets many common enterprise requirements.

An important aspect of report management relates to governance and the need for compliance and accessibility. Centralizing report management is a dream that every enterprise has. There are typically thousands of reports an organization may create and manage. Policies that govern the distribution and execution of these reports add to the complexity. The challenge is also compounded when there are reports that must be scheduled, archived, and versioned for compliance reasons.

Reports and report data need to be viewed as generic “content” within the enterprise. They share all the attributes and requirements of other enterprise content, such as taxonomy, entitlements, search, and versioning. They can be re-purposed and can serve as a data source for other pieces of content within the enterprise. Report management needs to tie into enterprise security and should have the capability to re-use roles and policies already established within the enterprise. All this leads to the notion that, at the heart of the reporting distribution platform, is a repository that can enable all of the above.

A well-designed enterprise report management and distribution solution serves as a self-service capability provider, helping business users do more without relying on IT for report management. This also frees IT resources that were previously consumed by individual information requests and redirects them to providing more business intelligence capabilities to the enterprise.

Niru Mallavarupu is Director of Software Development at Bluenog, where she leads the research and development of the company's flagship product, Bluenog ICE. Niru is an established IT veteran with deep experience in open source software as well as architecting and developing products and technologies for companies such as Oracle and Sun Microsystems. Niru also holds a patent and has numerous technology publications. She has a BS in computer science from the Indian Institute of Science and an MS in computer science from Georgia Institute of Technology.

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