EMF Comparison, Editing, and Indexing

Richard Gronback, Cedric Brun (OBEO), Sven Efftinge (itemis AG), Jan Koehnlein (itemis AG)

Frameworks - Modeling · Long - curated
Tuesday, 14:30, 50 minutes | Room 203/204


Team Work with Models : Compare and Merge with EMF Compare in Galileo

Galileo brings an important pack of modeling technologies, one of those is EMF Compare which enables team working using any kind of model, easing the high scale usage of Model Driven Development.

The talk will start with a presentation of the 0.8.0 features released with Ganymede and the modeling package : differencing of any kind of model (both standards or specifics), merging of those differences and integration with CVS/SVN. These features are needed to survive in a collaborative environment, but that's just the first step !

Then a demo will show what can be done with the advanced features provided with Galileo: model evolution reports, higher level differences and leveraging of the comparison engine for testing purpose, graphical modelers integration and even 3D visualization!

The generic EMF Editor

EMF provides a so called reflective editor with a generic tree viewer and a properties view, based on EMF's reflective API. The "generic editor", which is currently available as a sample as part of M2T Xpand, is leverages this functionality, but in addition allows to add domain-specific constraints, labels and icons at runtime. Such extensions are implemented using Xpand and it's sub languages Check and Xtend. As those languages are interpreted there is no need to install a customized editor, all you need to do is putting the Xpand resources in place (a specific location in the workspace related to the ecore file).

Managing Big Ecore Models With EMF Index

EMF Index is a framework for indexing Ecore based models. It allows querying of model element and their properties without actually loading their container resources, thereby enabling scalable implementations of model search, validation, and cross-reference linking. This presentation will describe design issues, current state, and API of EMF Index.
Richard Gronback is chief scientist for modeling products at Borland Software Corporation, managing both open source and commercial product development. Richard represents Borland on the Eclipse Board of Directors, Planning and Architecture Councils, co-leads the Modeling project Project Management Committee (PMC). Richard leads the Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) and Amalgam projects, and is the author of the book, "Eclipse Modeling Project: A Domain-Specific Language Toolkit." Richard holds a BSE in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Connecticut, and was a reactor operator in the U.S. Navy prior to his current career in software.

Cedric Brun, Research Engineer at Obeo, project lead of the EMF compare project and Acceleo's evangelist, he works in his daily job on software evolution, re-engineering and cartography of legacy systems through model driven processes managing both open source and commercial product development. He represents Obeo both at the Eclipse Architecture and Planning Council. His work at Obeo involves consultancy and expertise in setting up a pragmatic and efficient development process based on UML or domain specific models for software providers or administrations. He has graduated both the Polytech' engineering school and a research Master at the University of Nantes and specialized himself in software engineering and model driven engineering. Prior to his current jobs he has been an active contributor to open source and worked in Guangzhou on a global video conference solution for the Chinese Education and Research Network (CERNET).

Sven Efftinge works as consultant, coach and developer and leads a lab of itemis AG in Kiel, Germany. His focus is on domain-specific modelling, generator development and Eclipse technologies - Sven has developed the languages and core of openArchitectureWare 4 as well as the Xtext framework. Always looking for new technologies and concepts which help reducing complexity in enterprise software systems, he can help looking through the maze of the latest hypes. Sven is also a speaker on software conferences, co-author of a book and writes articles for magazines.

After achieving his PhD, Jan Köhnlein worked as a Software Architect at Gentleware in Hamburg (Germany), where he advanced the development of Poseidon For UML and became product manager of Apollo for Eclipse. Furthermore, he acted as a consultant and coach in the area of model-driven development on the Eclipse platform in various projects and workshops. In 2008 he joined the itemis labs in Kiel Germany. He is a committer for the Eclipse projects TMF, EMFT, M2T as well as for oAW.

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