Porting the build system of a commercial RCP Application from Europa to Ganymede: A Case Study

Gustavo de Paula, Christian Kurzke (Google Inc.)

Eclipse Platform - Runtime · Short - 10 minutes
Tuesday, 11:10, 10 minutes | Room 209/210


The setup and maintenance of the build system of a commercial RCP application is a challenging task. At EclipseCon 2008 we presented on all the steps that are associated with this task and describe the solutions that we adopted for the MOTODEV JavaME Tools. See talk: The Build System of Commercial RCP Application: A Case Study

Ganymede was released on the end of June and it introduced a couple of concepts with its new provisioning system that have a lot of impact on the RCP build process. This talk will discuss some of those new concepts, such as touchpoints and binary updates and see how to migrate from an Europa based build to make use of those concepts.

In addition, it will also discuss some interesting new requirements that were almost impossible to be implemented on Europa and are now available on a Ganymede-based RCP. One example of that is to hide all Eclipse features that are used to assemble your RCP.

The target audiences of this talk in anyone that current works on the development of RCP applications on top of Ganymede.

Mr. De Paula is a current contributor to the MTJ project. He has a long background with wireless technology and has being working with Java in mobile devices since the first release of MIDP 1.0 in 2000. He has implemented several projects for carriers, such as Vivo and BellSounth and handset manufactures, such as Motorola. Mr. De Paula holds a MSc. in Computer Science and has presented at conferences like JavaOne, EclipseCon and ESE Currently he is a Senior consultant for Wireless Technology at CESAR - Recife Center for Advanced Studies and Systems where he works a software architect of for Java development tools.

Christian Kurzke is the Architect for Motorola's Developer Tool suite, MOTODEV Studio.

Outside of Motorola, he is the lead of the Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) project and founding member of the Eclipse Mobile Industry Working Group.

Before Eclipse, Christian has been engaged in various other Open Source initiatives and has contributed to the Open Service Gateway initiative (OSGi) standard and CableLabs specifications.
He is a frequent speaker at conferences like JavaOne, Embedded Systems conferences and WWW conferences. Christian graduated from the University of Erlangen Germany with the degree of Diplom Informatik (MS CS) and holds an MBA degree from the Santa Clara University.

This session is part of the curated collection of short talks titled
"Runtime - Tests and Builds"

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