Understanding and extending p2 for fun and profit

Pascal Rapicault (RAPICORP), Ian Bull (EclipseSource (See Innoopract)), Jeff McAffer, Andrew Niefer (IBM)

Eclipse Platform - Runtime · Tutorial - 4 hours
Monday, 13:30, 4 hours | Room 201


One of the more significant platform-level changes made in the Eclipse Ganymede release was the introduction of the p2 provisioning framework. In this tutorial the p2 team intends to fill you full of p2 knowledge and propaganda while having fun. The tutorial will be divided into two sections: first a relatively short technical deep-dive followed by a hands-on look at using and extending p2 to solve typical provisioning problems.

Some of the key areas we intend to cover are:

Pascal leads the Equinox p2 team, dedicated to provide a cross platform provisioning technology at Eclipse. Over his years of involvement at Eclipse, Pascal has shaped the Eclipse component story by contributing to the runtime, build and provisioning aspects, thus defining how components are designed, developed, built, deployed and finally executed.
His current interests include bringing components to the web and pushing the boundaries of component delivery. More generally he is interested in software development and bringing research ideas to products.

Ian Bull is a software developer at EclipseSource and the component lead for Zest, the Eclipse visualization framework. Ian is also an avid proponent of Model Driven Engineering (MDE). Ian has studied how MDE can play a role in the design and generation of information visualizations. His interests include software architecture, component oriented design, human-computer interaction and just about everything related to software engineering. Ian holds a PhD from the University of Victoria.

Jeff McAffer leads the Eclipse Equinox OSGi, RCP and Orbit teams and is co-founder and CTO of EclipseSource. He is one of the architects of the Eclipse Platform and a co-author of The Eclipse Rich Client Platform and Equinox and OSGi - The power behind Eclipse (Addison-Wesley). Jeff co-leads the Eclipse RT PMC and is a member of the Eclipse Project PMC, the Tools Project PMC, the Eclipse Architecture Council and the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors. Jeff is currently interested all aspects of Eclipse componentry from designing, developing and building bundles to deploying, installing and ultimately running them. Previous lives include being a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM, work in distributed/parallel OO computing (Server Smalltalk, massively parallel Smalltalk, etc) as well as expert systems, meta-level architectures and a PhD at the University of Tokyo.

Andrew is a developer with IBM Rational Software in the Ottawa lab and is a commiter on the PDE Build, Equinox Framework and Equinox p2 projects. Before joining the Eclipse platform team, he worked on the Eclipse CDT project. Andrew holds a BMath degree from the University of Waterloo.

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