Equinox above the Cloud - some call it Heaven!

Harald Kornmayer, Markus Knauer (Innoopract GmbH), Scott Lewis

Eclipse Platform - Runtime · Long - one hour
Thursday, 11:10, 50 minutes | Grand Ballroom FGH


Cloud computing is one of the hottest topics currently discussed in the IT sector. Although there are many different definitions of the term 'Cloud', providing remote services is at the center of Cloud computing. This talk will demonstrate how "goodies" from different Eclipse projects can be combined to build applications on Cloud infrastructures.

The g-Eclipse project is building an integrated workbench framework to access the power of existing Grid and Cloud infrastructures. In addition to accessing scientific Grid infrastructures, the g-Eclipse project implemented support for Amazon WebServices (AWS) proving that there is no substantial difference between Grid and Cloud computing.

Together, Equinox and OSGi provide a fundamental infrastructure for defining modules, managing lifecycles and facilitating collaboration between modules. Both are addressing the programming challenges in dynamic, modular and extensible systems.

The Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) is a framework for building communications into tools and applications. It is important to emphasize that ECF provides a set of high-level abstractions, rather than yet another messaging API to support communications components.

The Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) was designed to bridge the gap between desktop- and web-development. To achieve this, RAP reuses the RCP development model integrating the largest possible subset of the RCP-APIs.

The talk will start with a short introduction to Cloud computing. Using the g-Eclipse framework, a distributed, virtual infrastructure will be set-up. Leveraging OSGi and ECF frameworks, a manageable distributed runtime will be started in order to deploy an application dynamically. The front end for the application will be provided with the support of the RAP application. The live demonstration will show how "goodies" from the Eclipse ecosystem can be combined to build a future SaaS platform.

Harald Kornmayer is senior researcher at NEC Laboratories Europe. He works in the domain of distributed systems including Grid and Cloud computing. He has experience in many national and international research projects from his former positions in different research institutions. His interests beyond Grid and Cloud computing are SOA and SaaS systems. He is project lead of the Eclipse Project g-Eclipse since its beginning.

Markus Knauer works as an Eclipse developer and consultant at EclipseSource. He is involved in the development of the Yoxos Eclipse Distribution and is working on multiple projects developing Eclipse-based SDKs.
Markus is project lead of the Eclipse Packaging Project and creates all those packages that can be downloaded from the Eclipse Foundation website. He is co-lead of the g-Eclipse project which is building a framework to enable developers to work easily in a Grid Computing or Cloud Computing environment, and is a member of the Eclipse Planning Council and the Eclipse Architecture Council.

Scott Lewis is the project lead for the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF). ECF provides APIs for distributed applications, and had several Eclipse applications based upon these APIs such as real-time shared editing, and multi-protocol presence, IM, and contacts lists.

Scott is a member of the team at EclipseSource, a startup focusing on OSGi, Equinox, and Eclipse-based solutions.

For too long, Scott's technical interests have revolved around messaging and communications...both for building distributed applications, and in human-to-human communication and collaboration.

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