e4 UI in Practice

Thomas Schindl (BestSolution), Jochen Krause (Innoopract GmbH), Kai Toedter (Siemens AG)

Eclipse Platform - e4 · Long - curated
Tuesday, 16:30, 50 minutes | Room 209/210


This series of short talks will explore practical application of e4 user interface developments.

e4 on RAP and SWT Browser Edition

An important part of the e4 mission is to enable plug-ins for the web. This talk will demostrate how the e4 platform can be run in a browser using RAP and the SWT Browser Edition. Combining the two technologies provides a fast route to web applications that distribute event handling and computation between client and server. The talk will outline the programming model for this approach, which allows all coding to happen in Java,SWT and the e4 platform apis.

E4 RCP CSS Styling Demo

I created a little e4 RCP demo that can be styled using CSS. In 10 minutes I show my demo and talk a bit about my findings with regards to CSS based styling.
Tom is self-employed and CEO of BestSolution.at Systemhaus Gmbh a software company building applications (RCP, J2EE) for companies around the world. Besides implementing solutions their own BestSolution.at consulted companies to introduce Eclipse Technologies into their software stack by providing its knowledge about Eclipse Technologies and Software Design experience. Tom is one of the Platform-UI and Nebula committers working on JFace-Viewers, Nebula-Grid and contributed patches to other eclipse projects (EMF, ...). He is the founder of the UFacekit-Project which builds a layer of abstraction above Eclipse-Databinding. He is a regular contributor to the eclipse newsgroups and received the top contributor award in 2007 for his work on JFace-Viewers. Tom is part of the E4 project team and has written the EMF based platform prototype used as the starting point for the implementation of the next generation of the Eclipse-Platform.

Jochen Krause co-leads the Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) and Eclipse Runtime projects, and is a member of the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors and Architecture Council. Jochen has had a leadership role in the Eclipse community since its inception in 2002, and today is focused on driving Eclipse to be an application platform for web and desktop. Jochen is a founder of EclipseSource and has been bringing Eclipse technology to enterprise customers, while guiding strategic technical contributions to Eclipse. EclipseSource staff are involved in many Eclipse projects such as Equinox, PDE, RAP, ECF, p2, Riena, Eclipse Packaging and g-Eclipse.

Kai Tödter is software engineer in the architecture department of Siemens Corporate Technology. He has more than 10 years of professional Java experience. His main interest is software architecture for smart clients and he focuses on Java rich client platforms like Eclipse RCP. Kai is Siemens' primary contact in the Eclipse Foundation.

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