I Declare! Declarative User Interfaces in e4

Kai Toedter (Siemens AG), Yves YANG (Soyatec), Bernd Kolb (itemis AG), Benjamin Pasero

Eclipse Platform - e4 · Long - curated
Tuesday, 15:30, 50 minutes | Room 209/210


This collection of short talks will discuss declarative user interface technology for e4.

Declarative UI for Eclipse

Nowadays, UI development in Eclipse uses still direct programming mode: UI controls and event handling are directly created in Java. This solution presents several drawbacks:

Declarative UI should be a foundation solution to resolve these problems. Some of them can be resolved directly, and some of them needs a tool built on top of this framework such Visual Editor, Modeling tool.

This framework should address three kinds of developer directly or indirectly:


Intended audience

SWT Developer, UI Developer and Eclipse developer who is interested in UI.

XWT - Declarative UI Designed for Eclipse

Declarative UI is a new programming paradigm on UI, which is widely used in Web application development. In Eclipse, programming in Java is the only supported solution. This solution presents several drawbacks:

XWT is designed to provide a foundation solution to resolve these problems with XML Object mapping solution defined in an Open Specification


Intended audience

SWT Developer, UI Developer and Eclipse developer who is interested in UI.
Kai Tödter is software engineer in the architecture department of Siemens Corporate Technology. He has more than 10 years of professional Java experience. His main interest is software architecture for smart clients and he focuses on Java rich client platforms like Eclipse RCP. Kai is Siemens' primary contact in the Eclipse Foundation.

Yves YANG, Eclipse committer, has over 17 years of experience working with OO software development and mainly worked on Eclipse and ODBMS: GemStone, Matisse and Versant. He was the chief architect of first Eclipse UML plugin from 2002 to early 2006. He is also the project leader of the eclipse project: SLDT

In Soyatec, he has developed two new products: eBPMN designer and eFace. His activities focus on the EMF/UML/BPMN/BPDM modeling, GUI/XAML/VE development and China OutSourcing.

Bernd Kolb focuses on model-driven software development and Eclipse technologies. As a consultant, developer and architect he has worked in different domains from tooling for automotive embedded systems to enterprise Java applications. Bernd is a committer at the Eclipse Modeling Project as well as on openArchitectureWare. He is a regular speaker at conferences and has written a number of articles on topics like Model Driven Development, Eclipse and Spring as well as OSGi as well as co-authored a book on OSGi. He can be reached via b.kolb@kolbware.de or bernd.kolb@sap.com

Benjamin Pasero works at IBM Rational Zurich on the Jazz Platform and Rational Team Concert with a focus on the Work Item and Foundation component. He is well experienced in the Eclipse Rich Client Platform with a focus on SWT and JFace and has written a number of articles on this topic, as well as giving workshops at conferences. He is also known as the author of the open source news reader RSSOwl. Benjamin can be reached via e-mail to benjamin_pasero {_at_} ch.ibm.com.

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