Real world distributed OSGi with Paremus Service Fabric

Robert Dunne

Supporting Technology - OSGi DevCon · Poster

This talk has been accepted but has not yet been assigned a time slot.

Much of OSGi 4.2 is concerned with addressing the needs of OSGi in the Enterpise. In particular, it includes 'Distributed OSGi' which defines a powerful, pluggable, approach to accessing remote services using OSGi, and as such is an excellent foundation for the development of OSGi based distributed systems. Paremus has been building real world OSGi based distributed systems for several years and has a strong grasp of the broader issues surrounding the use of OSGi in this context. These include application provisioning and lifecycle management, coping with failure, and the avoidance of debilitating complexity. This poster will look at distributed OSGi in this broader context, illustrating the potential and pitfalls of the world which OSGi 4.2 will enable, and will highlight the approach taken and lessons learned by Paremus.

Robert Dunne is a software designer and developer specialising in modular, dynamic and distributed software. Since 2004 he has been employed by Paremus, where he works on Infiniflow, an OSGi based, distributed, self-healing, runtime and provisioning system. While employed by Paremus he co-founded the open source Newton project, which now forms the core of the Infiniflow product suite. Prior to this he spent several years developing software in the banking and telecoms sectors in Europe. Robert holds a Ph.D in theoretical physics from Cambridge university.

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