Data Tools from Users to Commercial Extenders

Brian Fitzpatrick (Sybase), Enrico Schenk (Actian Corp), Emma McGrattan (Actian Corp), Brian Payton (IBM)

Frameworks - Data Tooling · Long - curated
Thursday, 14:30, 50 minutes | Room 209/210


The Data Tools Platform (DTP) project has always had a great set of tools for doing database and SQL development, but the trick is how to get users to actually use the tools. Three presenters will provide insights on how they were able to get users to do just that, including:

If you are trying to figure out how to get developers to use DTP themselves or in commercial tools, come join us!

Access your data without Eclipse clutter!

Learn how to get working with your data fast: Ganymede DTP is the basis for this tightly focussed RCP app: the Ingres Database Workbench reduces clicks and picks to a minimum while adding useful features for exploring your databases.

Productivity features include: SQL pop-up help, detail view of database objects and really simple statement generation. Generate SQL directly from DSE! All this is naturally in addition to the usual Ganymede DTP features.

The format will be a short talk with demonstrations of the key points.

Getting started with the DTP SQL Query Builder

The SQL Query Builder is a graphical SQL editor that simplifies the development of SQL statements. It enables users with a rudimentary knowledge of SQL to construct complex SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements. This talk will give a refresher / fast track to using the SQL Query Builder and include a demonstration of how to use it. The talk will also outline future developments for the SQL Query Builder.

IBM pureQuery: leveraging the DTP project to integrate Java and SQL development

The pureQuery component of the IBM Data Studio suite of products provides an easy yet powerful means for Java programmers to access relational data by integrating SQL code development with Java development. The pureQuery tooling is built on the data models, parsers, and connectivity framework of the Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP) project. This short talk gives an overview of pureQuery.
Brian Fitzpatrick (aka "Fitz") is a software engineer with Sybase, Inc., who has contributed to the Data Tools Project (DTP) since its inception. Brian's focus has mainly been on Eclipse tooling development for Sybase and he hopes to continue helping out with DTP and elsewhere in Eclipse for the forseeable future. Currently he serves on the DTP PMC as the PMC Chair, as well as as the Team Lead for both the Connectivity and Enablement sub-projects within DTP.

Brian Payton is a software developer in IBM Information Management and has been developing database tooling throughout his 25 years at IBM. He is a member of the Project Management Council of the Eclipse Data Tools Plaform (DTP) project and co-leads the DTP SQL Development Tools project. Mr. Payton has a B.S. in Computer Science from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, and works at IBM’s Silicon Valley Laboratory.

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