Code Reviews and Continuous Integration in Eclipse using Mylyn

Wojciech Seliga, Ken Olofsen

Eclipse IDE And Languages - Tools · Poster

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Struggling to find time for Code Reviews? Do broken builds distract you from the task at hand?

This poster session is intended to provide you with more information about the Atlassian Eclipse Connector project; discussing the technical integration of Atlassian's developer tools with Mylyn and Eclipse, as well as talking about the benefits of managing code reviews, builds, issues and more.. directly from your Eclipse IDE.

Code Review in Eclipse

Completing code reviews directly in Eclipse takes away the logistical pains of trying to coordinate meetings and the distractions of having to switch applications.  The Atlassian Eclipse Connector takes advantage of the Mylyn task-focused interface to organize code reviews in Crucible.  Developers can edit and comment on code reviews in-line from their Eclipse IDE. Code reviews can be managed in Eclipse via an integrated task list with scheduling facilities. All resources related to a review are automatically tracked by Mylyn on the reviewer’s behalf.

Builds in Eclipse

Monitoring and managing builds in real time directly from Eclipse simplifies the troubleshoot process when something goes wrong.  Quick access to failed tests and the ability to re-run them locally in Eclipse reduces context switching and the time it takes to fix broken builds.

The Atlassian Eclipse Connector is a free open source project supported by Atlassian and Tasktop. The project is focused on getting the most from Atlassian products within your Eclipse IDE.

Wojciech Seliga is a seasoned software developer with long experience in traditional and agile methodologies. Although he holds CMMI, RUP and ISO certificates, he is a strong advocate of lightweight agile approach to software development. He has been successfully fostering agile practices (as a technical lead and a coach) for about 5 years in companies like Lufthansa, Intel, Atlassian and SPARTEZ.

Currently he actively works on the open source Atlassian IDE Connector project of which one of the goals is to bring effective code reviews to software developers. He also runs agile and Java consulting business in the company he co-founded - SPARTEZ.

Ken Olofsen works at Atlassian on the Developer Tools team focusing on Bamboo, Clover, Crucible, and FishEye. Ken also works with the IDE Connector projects.

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