OSGi for Mobile Enterprise Applications

Jon Bostrom

Eclipse Ecosystem - Business And Industry · Short - 25 minutes
Tuesday, 10:10, 25 minutes | Room 209/210


It is evident that the market for mobile enterprise solutions grows rapidly. A lot less obvious are the technological trends on which mobile enterprise solutions are going to be built upon. Mobile OSGi technology (i.e. JSR 232, Eclipse eRCP, Sprint Titan) is one of the platforms that enters the market and thus competition against other platform concepts such as MIDP, native applications, Google Android, etc. What is it that Mobile OSGi has to offer? Why should mobile enterprise developers consider Mobile OSGi? This talk begins with a summary of the needs and challenges mobile enterprise application developers face today. The main part of this talk discusses the added value that mobile OSGi technology delivers to enterprise developers and how that compares to other mobile platform concepts. The end of the presentation will capture a market snapshot about Mobile OSGi adoption. The talk will be complemented by practical experience gained from several OSGi integration projects for various production handsets.
Jon Bostrom, “The father of Mobile Java”, is President of MobiNoir Consulting. Jon is currently engaged on the Sprint Titan Project, bringing OSGi to Mobile. Jon has over 28 years of systems experience including a position as the senior director of Java in technology platforms for Nokia where he was responsible for defining and driving the vision and architecture for the mobile end-to-end Java environment. Prior to joining Nokia, Jon was chief architect of Sun's mobility technology solutions group. Jon was the Sun lead architect for SprintPCS Vision, the lead architect for DoCoMo i-Mode Java, and he is also one of the original members of the Jini technology team. Jon was the creator of the "Java Service Vending Machine" concept, and he has advised most of the top manufacturers and operators around the world on wireless data services. During his time with Sun, Jon won two Chairman's awards for technology innovation and filed patents in Java mobile security, interface design and content handling. He has also been a key contributor to JavaOne and has spoken as the keynote at many software events across the world. Jon is also a former member of the board of directors of the OSGi, was co-lead of the Mobile Expert Group, and was co-spec lead for JSR 232.

This session is part of the curated collection of short talks titled
"Why OSGi and the EPL are great for Mobile Platforms!"

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