Eclipse Ecosystem: getting involved and exploiting offshore opportunities

Vinicius Asta Pagano (Instituto de Pesquisas Eldorado), Mauren Brenner, Fabio Rigo

Eclipse Ecosystem - Business And Industry · Short - 25 minutes  slideshare
Tuesday, 16:55, 25 minutes | Great America 1


In this talk we intend to tell the story of how a research and development institute got gradually involved with the Eclipse ecosystem, and share the experiences we had through this amazing journey. The story begins with the first Eclipse-based project a few years ago, with a team* of half a dozen people, and culminates with the current team with a headcount that approaches fifty. This team has developed Eclipse-based IDEs that have had an average rate of 1500 downloads per month from all over the world for the past 3-4 months. In the period of two years the team has become involved with the Eclipse community, initially using Eclipse, then making its own contributions and having its own committers, and finally becoming an Eclipse Foundation Associate Member.

Our story could be taken as an example of how a small- to medium-sized organization can get involved with the Eclipse ecosystem. By describing our experiences in a step-by-step manner, from the first contact with Eclipse technology to an enhanced business vision, we can inspire others and help them figure out how to engage in the Eclipse ecosystem.

In addition to this, our journey illustrates the evolving relationship of an R&D institute located in Brazil and the Eclipse ecosystem. This represents an important step in strengthening the presence of the Eclipse community in Latin America. For those interested in offshoring and nearshoring in Brazil, we also intend to offer our expertise and guidance on the mechanisms and advantages of investment in Brazil and Latin America.

NOTE: To request more information about Eldorado Institute, send a e-mail to

* The team works at the Eldorado Research Institute, a not-for-profit R&D organization located in the city of Campinas in Brazil. Eldorado was founded by Motorola in 1997 and currently employs more than 400 people, mostly software and hardware engineers who work on R&D projects for companies such as Motorola, Magneti Marelli, EMC, Semp Toshiba and others. Most of the projects involve regular contact with other teams all over the world.
Vini Pagano is a software R&D Manager at Eldorado Research Institute (an Eclipse Foundation Associate Member). He is currently responsible for 5 multisite projects (4 of them are Eclipse based projects), with more than 50 software engineers; Vini successfully built and ramped-up new software development teams and received 5 high performance team international awards. Past: Experienced Software PM, Vini managed 3 software multisite projects at the same time, with 30 engineers; his teams delivered more than 80 complex software releases with more than 95% OTD. As software engineer he worked on IBM and Nortel Networks. Education: PhD Student, Technological Innovation Management (State University of Campinas - Unicamp); Specialist, Technological Innovation Management and Business Administration (Unicamp); MSc, Computer Science - Software Architecture and Fault Tolerance (Unicamp); Graduated in Computer Science (State University of Sao Paulo - USP).

Mauren Brenner is a software engineer at the Eldorado Research Institute. She holds a MSc degree in Computer Science and has been working on Eclipse-based development tools.

Fabio Rigo is a Computer Engineer from Eldorado Research Institute, a not-for-profit R&D institute in Brazil (Motorola contractor). He has worked as a Java developer on embedded environments and mobile development tools for three years. He is an active contributor of the Eclipse Tools for Mobile Linux (DSDP/TmL) project. He holds a Computer Engineering degree from Unicamp (State University of Campinas, Brazil) and is now attending specialization courses in Strategic IT Management at FGV-SP.

This session is part of the curated collection of short talks titled
"Global Eclipse Ecosystem: Leveraging the Opportunities in India and Brazil"


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