Graphical Diff/Merge of Matlab Simulink models

Michael Soden

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MathWork's MATLAB/Simulink is one of the most used tools for embedded software engineering, especially in the automotive domain. The tool is great in its main task of computing and simulating embedded software, but limited in capabilities for effective team work. There is no build-in support for diffing and merging of models other than via the textual file format. This is insufficient for a graphical modeling language which is applied in team scenarios. Also, configuration management is often explicitly required in areas where Simulink is used, e.g. in safety or mission critical developments.

Medini Unite facilitates eclipse technology to fill this gap by providing a difference and merge functionality as an integrated RCP application based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework. To address the needs of users, differences of two models are not only shown in trees but rather in the original Simulink graphical notation. Subsequent merges will update the model consistently and propagate changes from one model to another. Due to the usage of EMF for the model representation, the Simulink metamodel can also be used to integrate Simulink with other tools in an eclipse environment. This shows, that eclipse technology for modeling and integration is not only relevant in traditional enterprise software development where Java related technology is dominating but also in the embedded area, where other tools are well established and heavily used.

Michael works as a Lead Architect at ikv++ technologies (Berlin, Germany). After receiving his diploma in computer science at the Technical University Berlin in 2003, he has worked as a research associate in several projects at the Technical University Berlin and Fraunhofer FOKUS in the context of model-driven software development. At that time, he took part in standardization activities at the OMG, where he was chairing the MOF2.0 to IDL Finalization Task Force. Besides working for business projects at ikv, Michael is doing his Ph.D. at the Humboldt University with focus on dynamic analysis of executable models.

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