Emerging Technologies in Mobile and Embedded

Christian Kurzke (Google Inc.), Wayne Parrott (Genuitec, LLC), Gustavo de Paula

Frameworks - Mobile And Embedded · Long - curated
Thursday, 13:30, 50 minutes | Room 203/204


The Device Software Development Platform (DSDP) Project is dedicated to providing a platform to address a broad range of needs in the device software development space. DSDP is a top-level container project that includes independent technology sub-projects focused on the embedded and mobile space.

In this session, discover the newest efforts underway in DSDP. A limited question and answer period will be available after each presentation.

Christian Kurzke, DSDP-MTJ Project Lead, will moderate this session.

Flyby of the FireFly Mobile Web Developer Kit Project

The new generation of high-speed data networks and powerful mobile internet devices equipped with rich web browsing capabilities are enabling a dramatic new level of personal and social connected-ness for millions of mobile users. The FireFly Project is developing Eclipse tools and frameworks to support the development and testing of traditional and next-generation mobile web applications. This brief presentation will introduce the FireFly project objectives, provide a project status and timeline, and demonstrate the mobile web previewer framework.

Multi-Configuration support in MTJ (Mobile Tools for Java)

The DSDP/MTJ (Mobile Tools for Java) project extends the standard Eclipse JDT capabilities. Those extensions increase the productivity of J2ME developers creating applications for a wide range of mobile devices.

When creating application for different mobile devices, developers are often faced with the problem of creating slightly different versions of their application for each device. Those versions of an application depend on different "configurations" of the targeted J2ME environment, like physical parameters (Screen sizes, multimedia capabilities) and available JSR APIs.

To help developers to create and maintain those complex J2ME applications, we added multi-configuration support to the MTJ project (Mobile Tools for Java). The main functions of multi-configuration are:

  1. Packaging Midlet projects for multiple targets, according multi configurations.
  2. Pre-processing directives and symbols and support for content assist in the Eclipse Java editor.
  3. Export Antenna build scripts that can build for multiple targets.

The purpose of this session is to describe how we implemented multi-configuration support for MTJ and to demonstrate to J2ME developers how to use multi-configuration functionality available in MTJ today.

Christian Kurzke is the Architect for Motorola's Developer Tool suite, MOTODEV Studio.

Outside of Motorola, he is the lead of the Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) project and founding member of the Eclipse Mobile Industry Working Group.

Before Eclipse, Christian has been engaged in various other Open Source initiatives and has contributed to the Open Service Gateway initiative (OSGi) standard and CableLabs specifications.
He is a frequent speaker at conferences like JavaOne, Embedded Systems conferences and WWW conferences. Christian graduated from the University of Erlangen Germany with the degree of Diplom Informatik (MS CS) and holds an MBA degree from the Santa Clara University.

Wayne is a co-founder and VP of product development at Genuitec where he leads its MyEclipse family of products as well as the Eclipse Blinki/FireFly Mobile Web Developer Kit Project. He has been developing Eclipse plugins and products since 2002.

Mr. De Paula is a current contributor to the MTJ project. He has a long background with wireless technology and has being working with Java in mobile devices since the first release of MIDP 1.0 in 2000. He has implemented several projects for carriers, such as Vivo and BellSounth and handset manufactures, such as Motorola. Mr. De Paula holds a MSc. in Computer Science and has presented at conferences like JavaOne, EclipseCon and ESE Currently he is a Senior consultant for Wireless Technology at CESAR - Recife Center for Advanced Studies and Systems where he works a software architect of for Java development tools.

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