Distributed OSGi - The ECF way

Markus Kuppe, Scott Lewis

Eclipse Platform - Runtime · Tutorial - 4 hours zip files
Monday, 13:30, 4 hours | Grand Ballroom C


Check out linked slides below to find out more about this tutorial and how we intent to run it!

OSGi today enables us to build highly modular and dynamic systems. However, the restriction of having applications running on a single JVM hinders its feasibility as a communication model for a ubiquitous computing world.

In this tutorial the attendees will find out how ECF answers the questions of tomorrow's distribution needs. The workshop dives deeply into the Eclipse Communication Framework and shows how dynamic service discovery can be used in local as well as wide area networks to build a distributed service registry. On top of that, peer to peer (R-OSGi/ECF generic) or centralized (XMPP) remoting solutions hidden behind common APIs are explored in hands-on exercises.
The role of transparency is a topic when attendees try to access remote services or concerns like QoS or reliability arise in communication. With test driven development being a well established tool in modern day software engineering, the challenges that result from distribution and possible solutions will be explored in a group discussion. Attendees are asked to bring their favorite piece of hardware or service they want to put to use in a distributed OSGi environment.

Toast [1] will act as our playground which will be turned into a distributed application. Attendees are required to know their way around in the Eclipse SDK. This tutorial furthermore doesn't cover how to setup your development environment! Sound knowledge of OSGi as well as network communication is a prerequisite. But more importantly we expect you to be confident in a highly interactive setting and don't expect a step by step tutorial. The best way to describe it, would be a guided hackathon.

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse_Summit_Europe_2008_Equinox_Hackathon
Keywords: ECF, remoting, R-OSGi, discovery, SLP, Zeroconf, DNS-SD, RFC 119, distributed OSGi
Markus Alexander Kuppe is a masters student of Complex Distributed Systems at the University of Hamburg. Before, he used to work as a software engineer at Versant Corp. focusing on OSGi technology in the object oriented database space.
Besides being a contributor to various aspects of Eclipse, he is a committer on the SoC project, Orbit, the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) project as well as the Java SLP implementation jSLP. Here his main occupation is with (OSGi) service discovery. He's an open source enthusiast at heart ever since his first project in 2001.

Scott Lewis is the project lead for the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF). ECF provides APIs for distributed applications, and had several Eclipse applications based upon these APIs such as real-time shared editing, and multi-protocol presence, IM, and contacts lists.

Scott is a member of the team at EclipseSource, a startup focusing on OSGi, Equinox, and Eclipse-based solutions.

For too long, Scott's technical interests have revolved around messaging and communications...both for building distributed applications, and in human-to-human communication and collaboration.

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