CDT beyond just C/C++

Doug Schaefer (Blackberry Limited), Gaetan Morice (Sierra Wireless), Greg Wilkins (Intalio Inc.)

Eclipse IDE And Languages - CDT · Long - curated
Wednesday, 15:30, 50 minutes | Room 209/210


Use of CDT and DSDP in a professional IDE for embedded softwares development

This talk will present how different Eclipse technologies have been used to develop the Wavecom M2MStudio : a complete IDE for device software development in Machine-to-Machine domain. Indeed, in order to provide a usable and effective product, the project had to deal with high level user abstraction and complex low level environment. To achieve this goal, various different Eclipse projects have been used :

Moreover, the whole IDE had to conform with Eclipse products quality standards using decoupling and extensibility through plug-ins and extension points. It also enables user assistance with contextual/online help and cheat sheets. This project is a good example of how various Eclipse projects can be set up in an industrial product.

The agenda will be:

Jetty @ Eclipse

The Jetty HTTP server and servlet container project has been a successful open source project since 1995. The core Jetty project has now moved to the eclipse foundation and is improving it's already good relation ship with OSGi projects. This talk will be a short introduction to the Jetty project, followed by an overview of the move: what's changing, what staying the same, what's new in the Servlet 3.0 release etc. A significant proportion of the time will be allocated to Q & A, as we would like to receive feedback and suggestions from the eclipse community.
Doug Schaefer is the Eclipse CDT Project Lead and has been involved with the CDT since it became an Eclipse project many moons ago. He has long been interested in open source platforms and tools with a keen interest in ensuring the CDT is easily adoptable by the mass of newb's interested in joining the fun with software development using good old native development tools such as C , the GNU tool chain and embedded Linux. He also is the creator and maintainer of the Wascana Desktop Developer open source project that provides these tools for Windows development as well. His day job is as the engineering manager for Wind River's install and licensing technology where he's busy driving adoption of the Eclipse p2 provisioning framework in Wind River and the IDE tools community.

Gaetan Morice is head of the Eclipse Products Team at Anyware Technologies. He leads Eclipse based IDE projects for embedded software tooling that involve lots of cool Eclipse technologies such as EMF, CDT, TM and DLTK. He also leads research efforts on alternative JVM languages use in Eclipse plugins development.

Greg is the lead developer of the Jetty open source servlet server and the Dojox cometd project. He is a member of the experts group for the servlet specification from the Java Community Process and has been a leading advocate of asynchronous techniques for web applications. Greg has contributed to Dojo, Geronimo, Wadi, JBoss, activemq, DWR and other open source project. Born in Sydney in 1964, Greg graduated from Sydney University with an honours degree in Computer Science in 1986. Since then he has worked as developer, designer, team leader and architect on varied problem domains including telecoms and WWW. Greg is the founder of Mort Bay Consulting and the CTO of Webtide. Greg has spoken at The Rich Web Experience (2007), The Ajax Experience (2006-2008), Ajax World (San Jose 2006) and JavaOne (2003-2008).

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