Web-centric New Technology

Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Dann Martens, Jordi Boehme Lopez (Innoopract GmbH), Manuel Woelker (EclipseSource), Markus Knauer (Innoopract GmbH)

Eclipse Ecosystem - Emerging Technology · Long - curated
Wednesday, 15:30, 50 minutes | Grand Ballroom B


Three new web-centric technologies.

Leveraging Agile Practices with the RFID-enabled Eclipse IDE

The Eclipse IDE already has a history as a proving ground for evolutionary developments, such as the JDT's incremental compiler, Mylyn's task management system and Buckminster's workspace population mechanism.

In the pursuit of better ways to develop software, next-generation tool chains have become a supporting pilar of the Agile movement. As an exponent of the Agile approach, tools are continuously increasing development velocity through both the automation of developer's chores, as well as the acceleration of early defect detection.

Those familiar with Agile techniques already understand the role of physical artefacts in the process, such as story index cards and the 'wall'. Wouldn't it be great if those tangible tools would be able to participate in the software development process directly, without a 'little' human assistance?

During this short talk, an RFID-enabled Eclipse IDE will be demonstrated by going through the motions of a SCRUM process. RFID is the technology behind 'the internet of things', providing the means to keep aspects of the physical world in sync with its virtual counterpart.

My workbench on your desktop? The Yoxos OnDemand free download configurator.

Find out how the free Yoxos OnDemand download configurator can get your unique Eclipse installation up and running more easily than ever before. Can you imagine downloading an Eclipse installation that includes all the tools, source projects, settings and bugtracking connections designated for a particular project or programming activity? In this talk we'll show you how these features work in Yoxos on Demand and how you and your collaborators can get down to programming more quickly.

Using the Usage Data Collector in RAP and RCP Applications

Wouldn't it be interesting to see and record your users interacting with your RAP or RCP application? You would see which parts of the application are used often, acquire indicators on the usability of your software and gain insights into how you can improve your user interface.

In this talk we'll describe how we are applying the EPP Usage Data Collector (UDC) in our own applications and how we have visualized and explored the data from our users.

EPP Wizard - The Future for Custom Eclipse Downloads

This talk will give you a quick overview of the concepts behind the new EPP download configurator and how you can create a custom download with just the features you need. We'll also show how third parties can integrate with the system to provide additional features and services.

Dann Martens is an entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in managing and using software technologies in both research-driven environments and practical business application domains; aims to cover the full range of expertise from enterprise to network programming, using both the Java™ platform as well as C/C++ on Unix; believes in a people-centric approach to team membership and leading; persistent in attaining excellence.

Jordi works as an Eclipse developer and consultant at EclipseSource.
He leads the commercial Yoxos Enterprise product team and is a committer on the Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) and Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP) projects. Jordi has built several Eclipse-based tools and IDEs since 2004 and has worked on a variety of commercial RAP applications.

Manuel works as an Eclipse developer and consultant at EclipseSource. He is a developer for the free Yoxos Eclipse distribution. He is currently also heavily involved in the EPP Dynamic Package Delivery subproject (informally known as EPP/P2 wizard), that uses P2 provisioning technology to configure and deploy customized eclipse installations. In his free time he hacks on JGit/EGit.

Markus Knauer works as an Eclipse developer and consultant at EclipseSource. He is involved in the development of the Yoxos Eclipse Distribution and is working on multiple projects developing Eclipse-based SDKs.
Markus is project lead of the Eclipse Packaging Project and creates all those packages that can be downloaded from the Eclipse Foundation website. He is co-lead of the g-Eclipse project which is building a framework to enable developers to work easily in a Grid Computing or Cloud Computing environment, and is a member of the Eclipse Planning Council and the Eclipse Architecture Council.

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