"C" is for Concurrency and Cleverness

Darin Wright, Joe , Cliff Click

Eclipse IDE And Languages - Java · Long - curated
Wednesday, 11:10, 50 minutes | Room 209/210


"C" isn't just for cookies anymore - it's for clever short talks. Learn how to annotate your code for thread safety and detect potential race conditions and deadlock at compile time using CheckThread. Then learn why some languages are fast and some are not.

Cool Concurrency with CheckThread

Are you tired of threading issues in your Java code?

Java Threading is Difficult

CheckThread Approach

This no-fluff talk will walk through lots of Java code examples depicting common threading bugs such as race conditions and invoking SWT widgets on the wrong thread. The CheckThread plugin for Eclipse will then demonstrate detecting these threading bugs at compile time.

Attendees should have experience with multi-threaded desktop or enterprise applications in Java.

Fast Bytecodes for Funny Languages

The speaker compares the performance of a trivial program written in 5 languages that all ride on top of a JVM, including a deep-dive into why some languages are fast and some are not. Definitely lite, informative and fast paced (well, all my talks are fast-paced).

Darin is a senior software developer with IBM Rational Software. He is an Eclipse committer, lead for the Eclipse Debug Platform, Java Debugger, API Tools, PDE, and and a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council. Darin has presented talks and tutorials at EclipseCon. For the better part of the last thirteen years, Darin has been working on IDE's such as Eclipse, VA/Micro Edition, and ENVY/Smalltalk. In a previous software development life, Darin was an audio software developer supporting virtual reality productions at the Banff Centre for the arts.

Joe Conti is the creator of CheckThread.org, an open source project for catching Java concurrency bugs through static analysis. Joe has over 10 years of combined experience in desktop and enterprise concurreny applications using Java.

With more than twenty-five years experience developing compilers, Cliff serves as Azul Systems' Chief JVM Architect. Cliff joined Azul in 2002 from Sun Microsystems where he was the architect and lead developer of the HotSpot Server Compiler, a technology that has delivered dramatic improvements in Java performance since its inception. Previously he was with Motorola where he helped deliver industry leading SpecInt2000 scores on PowerPC chips, and before that he researched compiler technology at HP Labs. Cliff has been writing optimizing compilers and JITs for over 15 years. He is invited to speak regularly at industry and academic conferences including JavaOne (two "Rock Star" awards), JVM and VEE; serves on the Program Committee of many conferences (including PLDI and OOPSLA); has published many papers about HotSpot technology and has 15 patents. Cliff holds a PhD in Computer Science from Rice University.

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