UI Components Showcase

Peter Centgraf, Thomas Schindl (BestSolution), Donald Dunne, Ian Bull (EclipseSource (See Innoopract))

Eclipse Platform - UI / RCP · Long - curated
Wednesday, 11:10, 50 minutes | Room 203/204


In this session, a number of reusable UI components will be presented.

Beyond Native Table/Tree - Unique Features provided by Nebula-Grid

Nebula-Grid is a custom drawn control part of the Nebula-Project providing unique features like:

XViewer - An SWT Widget with the power of the spreadsheet.

XViewer - Advanced TreeViewer Widget

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The purpose of the XViewer is to give the application developer a more advanced and dynamic TreeViewer that has the filtering and sorting the capabilities of a spreadsheet while providing the users the ability to customize their table to suit their current needs and save/restore these customizations for future use by individual or group.

The current XViewer already commited as part of the Eclipse OSEE Project. More information is available at OSEE XViewer. Near term plans to submit this to the Nebula project

This talk will introduce this widget and display not only the current capabilities, but those planned for the future.

Table Customizations Sorting Filtering

Graph based views: Adding a little Zest to your next RCP application.

As we already know, tools like the PDE, JDT, Mylyn and even the Eclipse platform make it easy for developers to compute metrics, mine program artifacts and collect a variety of information related to their projects. While these tools make collecting relational information easy, presenting the information to the user in a meaningful way can be a challenge. Many software engineers would like to render graph based interfaces to present this information, however, many engineers consider these interfaces too time consuming to construct.
In this talk we present Zest, the information visualization toolkit for Eclipse. Zest has been designed to make graph based information visualizations easy by bringing the familiar JFace design to graph based views. This talk will outline the existing Zest viewer as well as present the new sequence chart viewer currently under development. The talk will describe how a new user, familiar with SWT/JFace, can quickly create a graph view and polish the view using the Zest style provider. Technical details, such as performance improvements and rendering order, will also be discussed. Finally, the talk will conclude with a demonstration of the plug-in dependency visualization.

Tom is self-employed and CEO of BestSolution.at Systemhaus Gmbh a software company building applications (RCP, J2EE) for companies around the world. Besides implementing solutions their own BestSolution.at consulted companies to introduce Eclipse Technologies into their software stack by providing its knowledge about Eclipse Technologies and Software Design experience. Tom is one of the Platform-UI and Nebula committers working on JFace-Viewers, Nebula-Grid and contributed patches to other eclipse projects (EMF, ...). He is the founder of the UFacekit-Project which builds a layer of abstraction above Eclipse-Databinding. He is a regular contributor to the eclipse newsgroups and received the top contributor award in 2007 for his work on JFace-Viewers. Tom is part of the E4 project team and has written the EMF based platform prototype used as the starting point for the implementation of the next generation of the Eclipse-Platform.

Don Dunne is the co-lead of the Open System Engineering Environment (OSEE) project and has spent the past 5 years architecting, developing and deploying eclipse plugins in its support. He graduated with a BS in Computer Science at University of Central Florida. He has over 15 years experience in Embedded Software Engineering with a focus on the development and deployment of tools to streamline the software engineering lifecycle. The past 3 years have included the development of the Action Tracking System (ATS) which is a tightly integrated change management tool built on the OSEE Application Framework. ATS enables tracking of all tasks throughout the lifecycle of development including hardware, software, tools, process and facilities with the ability to graphically configure different workflows for each. He is currently focused on gaining support for the continued and expanding collaboration of OSEE throughout the commercial, academic and defense sectors.

Ian Bull is a software developer at EclipseSource and the component lead for Zest, the Eclipse visualization framework. Ian is also an avid proponent of Model Driven Engineering (MDE). Ian has studied how MDE can play a role in the design and generation of information visualizations. His interests include software architecture, component oriented design, human-computer interaction and just about everything related to software engineering. Ian holds a PhD from the University of Victoria.

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