PMF (Presentation Modeling Framework): One for all, and all for One

Jim Van Dam, Yves YANG (Soyatec), Olivier Moises

Frameworks - Modeling · Bof
Monday, 19:30, 1 hour and 15 minutes | Room 207


The PMF project is in the proposal phase. The purpose of PMF is to provide the basic functional concepts of user interaction in a PIM level UI modeling language.

The language can be extended in two ways:

  1. Higher level patterns can be defined using PMF itself and used as language extensions
  2. Transformations/Generators from the PIM level model to specific UI technology platforms

Each displaying technology such as XUL, e4, JSF, SWT, Swing, GWT, Ajax, Silverlight or others, can extend this framework to implement a specific generator for producing executable codes in Java or in declarative language. In this BOF we would like to discuss what PMF can do for you and what you can do for PMF:

Jim van Dam started as a knowledge engineer in the 80's. Model based software development has been his main interest since 1985. He started with case-tools, moved on to tailor made MDSD environments and currently uses the Eclipse MDSD tooling and the DSL toolkit from MS. He co-developed several Software Factories featuring complete application generation.
His current focus is PIM-level UI Modeling and transforming these models to several target platforms. He is the co-lead of the proposed Eclipse project PMF (Presentation Modeling Framework).

Yves YANG, Eclipse committer, has over 17 years of experience working with OO software development and mainly worked on Eclipse and ODBMS: GemStone, Matisse and Versant. He was the chief architect of first Eclipse UML plugin from 2002 to early 2006. He is also the project leader of the eclipse project: SLDT

In Soyatec, he has developed two new products: eBPMN designer and eFace. His activities focus on the EMF/UML/BPMN/BPDM modeling, GUI/XAML/VE development and China OutSourcing.

Olivier Moises works as software consultant since 1993 and started programming with Eclipse 6 years ago (Eclipse 2.0).

Since that time, he wrote many applications (standalone, RCP or IDE plugins) using Eclipse, organized several Eclipse RCP trainings and provides consulting services for companies which use or plan to use Eclipse. He is specialized in GEF, EMF, WTP, GMF. He is a member of OSGi™ Users Group France.

Since his first release of a RCP application, he realized it should be possible to build GUI like web developers do : by using a dom like live model. He started wazaabi 1.0 an XML based declarative UI framework in 2003. It has been published in 2006 ( , LGPL) and is still in use in several companies. Wazaabi 2.0 is a whole new release, based on a EMF live model and providing also stylesheet and databinding mechanisms.

He recently joined Presentation Modeling Framework project (

Olivier is currently working as consultant within Euranova, a Belgian company which is focusing on knowledge capitalization. Euranova wishes to become a reliable actor in Eclipse development.

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