New Features, Tips and Tricks coming to Webtools (WTP 3.1)

David Williams (IBM), Neil Hauge (Oracle), Rob Stryker (Red Hat, Inc.), Jason Van Zyl (Sonatype)

Eclipse IDE And Languages - Web Tools · Long - curated
Wednesday, 11:10, 50 minutes | Grand Ballroom B


Dali JPA Tools: What's New in 2.2!

From Ganymede to Galileo, "What's New in 2.2" will showcase a host of exciting features that will be available in the upcoming 2.2 release. Using JPA in your application is about to get even easier with the addition of automated mapping, enhanced entity generation from tables, advanced EclipseLink support, and more.

New opportunities for server adapter providers in the new Server View

In Webtools 3.1, the Server View is being migrated to the Common Navigator Framework. Not only is this a significant change in appearance, the adoption of Common Navigator allows server adapter providers to present any amount of information relevant to their server types directly in the view.

This talk will contrast the old view with the new, and demonstrate some possible uses of this new flexibility, including cluster operations, JMX management of the server, or other quick shortcuts.

Using WTP Faceted Framework to support Maven integration for WTP

The M2E technology project provides flexible project configuration framework that allows integrating Maven with Eclipse tools, such as JDT, AJDT, WTP and others. In this short talk we'll illustrate how such project configurator for Eclipse WTP is using Faceted Framework API to configure Maven projects to work with WTP tools.

Neil Hauge is a principal software developer at Oracle and the lead for the Dali JPA Tools (JPT) project in the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP). He has been developing Java based tools for over eight years and has been development lead for the Oracle TopLink Workbench for the past five. Neil is a member of the Web Tools PMC and an Eclipse project mentor.

Rob Stryker is a senior software engineer at Red Hat, working on the JBossTools / JBoss Developer Studio projects. He has been leading the application server integration tooling effort for these projects for the past two years. He enjoys tearing out old things and re-imagining how they could be, reading financial news, and volleyball. Also, juggling. He likes to juggle. And books.

Jason is the founder of the Apache Maven project, the Plexus IoC framework, and the Apache Velocity project. Jason currently serves on the Apache Maven Project Management Committee. He has been involved with the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) for seven years, helped to found Codehaus, a well respected incubation facility for open source community projects, and is a frequent speaker at many major software conferences, including JavaOne, EclipseCon, EmergingTech, and ApacheCon.

Jason van Zyl, CTO of Sonatype, has over ten years of enterprise software development experience. He founded Periapt, Inc., a company that provided software infrastructure development services to Fortune 500 companies such as Toyota Corp., Bank of America, and Coca-Cola Co. Previous to Periapt, he worked as a Technology Architect at Compusense, a world leader in sensory analysis and data research.

You can read Jason's blog at

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