OSGi Dual Talks: Scala + Peaberry

OSGi Alliance, Heiko Seeberger (Weigle Wilczek GmbH), Roman Roelofsen (Prosyst Software), Stuart McCulloch (Sonatype)

Supporting Technology - OSGi DevCon · Long - curated
Thursday, 11:10, 50 minutes | Room 203/204


Two short talks on OSGi

OSGi on Scala - Ease OSGi development with Scala DSLs

This talk will present two approaches for combining Scala and OSGi to get the best out of these two great technologies.

First we will present BindForge, a module framework which provides sophisticated dependency injection facilities and various abstraction layers for OSGi services and other compendium elements. The configuration is done via a powerful Scala-basedDSL. These features are provided non-intrusively so that Java programmers do not need to learn e.g. the Scala compiler or other tools.

And second we will present ScalaModules, a DSL for Scala-based OSGi development. The mission of ScalaModules is to employ the power of the Scala programming language to ease OSGi development: With ScalaModules OSGi code will be more intuitive and concise as well as less verbose and less involved compared to Java-based development.

peaberry - blending services and extensions

peaberry extends Guice to support injection of dynamic services. It provides OSGi integration out of the box, and has plug-in support for other registry-based service frameworks. This talk will show how peaberry can be used to seamlessly blend both OSGi services and Eclipse extensions in the same application, and help you switch between the two approaches.

We'll also take a quick look at a few of the design decisions behind peaberry:

Heiko Seeberger is WeigleWilczek’s technical director. His main areas of expertise include the development of enterprise applications using OSGi, Eclipse RCP, Spring, AspectJ and Java EE. Heiko brings more than ten years of professional experience in IT consulting and software development to the Eclipse Training Alliance, actively contributes to Eclipse projects and regularly shares his expertise in articles and talks.

Roman Roelofsen is Lead Architect at ProSyst Software. He is the technical head of the OSGi enterprise solutions department and represents ProSyst Software in the OSGi core platform and enterprise expert group. Roman coordinates the product development and is the project leader of the OSGi-based open source distribution ModuleFusion. His main interests are component-based development and language design.

Stuart works for CodeDragons Malaysia, a Java consultancy that specializes in all things OSGi. Previously, he worked on virtual machines at IBM. Stuart is currently a PMC member and active committer at Apache Felix and helps out with a number of OPS4J community projects, such as Pax-Runner and Pax-Construct. Stuart is also the project lead for peaberry, a Guice extension for injecting OSGi services. His latest distraction is writing a book called OSGi in Action, with Richard Hall and Karl Pauls.

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