Linux Extended IDE - Linux Tracing

Dominique Toupin, Francois Chouinard (Ericsson AB), Marc Khouzam (Ericsson AB), Andrew Overholt, Eugene Chan (IBM)

Frameworks - Test And Performance · Bof
Wednesday, 20:00, 1 hour and 15 minutes | Room 201


The Eclipse Linux Tools project will now be the central place to find/develop the Eclipse Linux extended IDE features for both host and remote target development.

The Linux Tools Project will re-use generic features of other projects like CDT for compile/debug, TPTP for tracing/monitoring framework, DSDP/TM for remote connection, BIRT for reporting, Wascana for download/install of the whole tool chain i.e. both Eclipse and GNU tools.

This BOF will focus on the integration of the following Linux tools into Eclipse: Linux Tracing Toolkit, Valgrind, OProfile, GDB Tracepoints.

If time permits we can talk about packaging the Linux extended IDE on wascana :-)

Dominique Toupin has been working at Ericsson on software engineering improvements with the open source community, researchers and commercial companies. He has a background in development of systems to manage wireless networks.

Francois Chouinard is a Software Designer for Ericsson Canada. He has professional experience in process control, telecommunication systems and high-performance simulators. Francois is a committer on the DSDP/DD and CDT projects.

Marc Khouzam is a Software Designer for Ericsson Canada. He has close to fifteen years of C++ and Java development experience in areas such as telecommunication systems and load-simulation tools. He is currently interested in distributed-system tools for debugging and troubleshooting. Marc is an Eclipse committer under the DSDP/DD project, as well as an occasional committer to the GNU debugger. He has heavily contributed to the new DSF-GDB debugger that is being added to the CDT project.

Andrew Overholt works for Red Hat as a part of their Tools group. He is the project lead for the Linux Tools project which is a part of the Technology top-level project.

Eugene Chan is a staff software developer at the IBM Toronto Lab. He started in an Eclipse-based problem determination tool project which later became the Eclipse Hyades tool project. Eugene has been a committer on the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools project (TPTP) since its launch at in 2002, acting as a committer of the Platform and Trace sub project. Eugene is currently the Project Lead of the TPTP Tracing and Profiling Project and the Chairperson of the TPTP Architecture Group.

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