Towards Integrated SOA Development with Eclipse STP and Swordfish

Adrian Mos, Vincent Zurczak, Gerald Preissler (Talend), Oliver Wolf

Frameworks - SOA · Tutorial - 4 hours
Monday, 13:30, 4 hours | Room 207


Building Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) requires a variety of tools and platforms. Eclipse provides these in two projects:

The Eclipse SOA Tools Platform Project provides several editors and tools for designing business processes and architectures based on standards such as BPMN and SCA. Although individual editors can be very useful within their own scope, integrating several SOA tools together adds significant value to the user. The integration helps by maintaining consistency between common artefacts, avoiding duplication and errors, as well as by increasing productivity through automatic generation of appropriate constructs. In Eclipse STP, the Intermediate Model (IM) component aims at integrating the different tools by providing a conceptual SOA bridge that can transport useful elements between editors.

The Eclipse Swordfish project provides an OSGi-based framework for the development of service-oriented applications. Out of the box, it provides a web service stack integrated into Eclipse that can be used to develop web service applications. It comes into its own when the extension points it provides are used to add functionality, e.g. by integrating it into an enterprise environment with central service registry, security services and management or by adding customer-defined message processing features transparently.

This tutorial will give an in-depth look at SOA development with Eclipse from different perspectives.

In the first part, we will show how several Eclipse SOA editors can be used together in an integrated manner and how this significantly improves productivity. We will

The second part will provide a more detailed development example using Swordfish. We will

The third part of the tutorial will cover the options that Swordfish offers the infrastructure developer to extend the basic SOA functionality with custom capabilities. We will

Adrian is an Eclipse Foundation committer to the STP project and the component lead for the STP Intermediate Model component. He currently serves as Technical Lead for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) projects in the Tuvalu team in INRIA. Prior to this position, he has worked in both industrial and research environments focusing on building automated management solutions for enterprise Java systems. Adrian holds a PhD from Dublin City University, Ireland and a Computer Engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Romania.

Vincent Zurczak is a committer on the Eclipse top-level project STP. He works in particular on the SCA project of STP, which aims at providing tools for the Service Component Architecture specification. Vincent works as an R&D Engineer for the company EBM WebSourcing, where he also develops Eclipse-based tooling for the OW2 ESB PEtALS.

Jerry Preissler has been working on the implementation of service-oriented infrastructures for 6+ years now, first with Deutsche Post and now with SOPERA. Currently he is the architect responsible for the tooling components of the SOPERA platform. He is contributor for the SOA Runtime Framework (a.k.a. Swordfish) and the SOA Tools Project.

Oliver Wolf works for SOPERA GmbH, an open source SOA product company based out of Bonn, Germany. He is reponsible for the architecture of SOPERA's SOA runtime platform and leads the Eclipse Swordfish project. Prior to joining SOPERA, Oliver held positions in software architecture and IT security consulting.

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