Unicase and the EMFStore going EPL

Jonas Helming (Innoopract GmbH)

Eclipse Ecosystem - Emerging Technology · Poster

This talk has been accepted but has not yet been assigned a time slot.

The “EMFStore” was designed as part of the Unicase project, a unified CASE tool. The underlying idea of Unicase is to create one integrated user interface for different types of software development artifacts such as UML models, tasks or requirements and to allow creating relations between them. These artifacts are stored in a central repository, the EMFStore. The EMFStore provides a server, which is capable of storing instances of EMF models and enables users to collaborate on them. We will show in detail how the open-source tool Unicase builds upon this server, but the EMFStore is capable of storing arbitrary instances of EMF models. Therefore, as a first step in the Unicase project, we plan to contribute the EMFStore under EPL. We are interested in opinions and looking for partners.

Jonas Helming is research assistant at the Chair for Applied Software Engineering at TUM and working on his Ph.D. thesis. The main focus of his research is model-based and integrated software lifecycle management and project management in a unified model. As part of his research he is also team lead of the unicase project, developing an Eclipse-based Software Engineering Research platform.

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