Call For Participation

Doug Gaff
Doug Gaff,
Wind River,
EclipseCon 2008
Program Chair
There are many ways to participate in EclipseCon 2008. The easiest way is to register and then show up in Santa Clara, attend sessions, converse with colleagues, and use the hallways and lunch tables to both teach and learn about Eclipse.

If you'd like to take a little more active role in EclipseCon, we invite you to submit a poster for the Poster Reception or propose a Birds of a Feather session for Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening.

How To Submit A Poster or BOF

First, Read The Instructions

First, read ALL these instructions. I know that it is very tempting to race ahead to the end muttering "yeah, yeah, I know all this already", but EclipseCon is a little different than other conferences: it's open source which means that YOU are responsible for more decisions than is typical with other conference. If you take the time to read these instructions, your chance of getting your talk accepted will be much higher.

We see by a cookie on your browser that you have read all the instructions - thank you! So you know that EclipseCon is a little different than other conferences and that you are responsible for more decisions than is typical with other conference. Feel free to re-read the instructions now and then, but in the meantime, here is a direct link the submission system:

Submission system is hosted

And here are direct links to the

The Rest of the Instructions

There are four (short) sections to these instructions: this introduction, a description of session types, then one of session categories, then the how-to instructions for the submission system.

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