EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Shai's track

Shai Ben-Yehuda (ArtwareSoft)

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Open Healthcare Framework (OHF) General BoF
JBoss Introduces New Open Source Tools and Frameworks for Building Rich Internet Applications
Model-driven embedded device solution development with Eclipse
Making the most of the Eclipse Compare Framework
session 3887
JavaScript Development Tools
Migrating a Visual Studio Product to Eclipse
A Declarative Infrastructure for Creating Eclipse GUIs
session 3979
Third Party Code - Licenses that work and those that don't/Does dual-licensing help?
SAFARI: A Meta-Tooling Platform for Creating Language-Specific IDE's
JBoss Introduces New Open Source Tools and Frameworks for Building Rich Internet Applications
Waypoints, Tags, and Tours : Going beyond Eclipse bookmarks via Social Navigation

Shai Ben-Yehuda, M.Sc, founded ArtwareSoft in 2004. ArtwareSoft provides Eclipse & Ajax studio (tooling) for DSLs (Domain Specific Languages). "Software gets very fast too complex for the human brain to grasp. I have a long interest in looking for effective and fun ways to produce software. From managing by passion, through OO application frameworks, DSL driven development (call it model driven), to DSL Studio driven development." Shai is the author of the TGP methodology that deals with the collaboration of business professionals and developers. Shai founded Itemfield Inc., "the leader in transformation technology", [] in year 2000 (Acquired by Informatica 2006).

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