EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

PHP, WebDev & Beyond

Eduardo Romero (Bauer Alonso Consulting)

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EclipseCon is a great conference, so while on it I'd try to take the most out of it. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (or that's what they say) so day one would start, of course, with Continental Breakfast. Right after a tasty, invigorating and awakening breakfast, the real conference starts with (3576) Integration of a new Ajax personality into ATF (Ajax Toolkit Framework), AJAX seems to be a buzzword for WebDevs so it's a really good start. Next step would be (3639) Team Collaboration with Eclipse and Maven but unfortunately that tutorial "expects me to have an intermediate level knowledge of Eclipse and Maven" so it's a no-no so much for 10AM tutorial... So we skip to Lunch, the bad news is that Lunch is at 1PM so i have to wait, the good news is i'm sure there will be something interesting to do/see/chat-with in the meaning time (maybe i can hit fry's).

So, after lunch (3671) Simplify your programming life with Eclipse Monkey and Aptana seems like the best choice, looks like it would definitely help me automate some of the pragmatic-programmer recommended practices. (3607) Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications [Part 1] and (3719) Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications [Part 2] seem like a good choice too, but I'll stick to Aptana & Monkey. After that
The next one's gotta be Eclipse Community Awards & Gameshow A great way to finish the first day.

If everytihng went smooth on night one =) I would skip breakfast for day two and get another half our of good sleep, waking up early is overated anyway. So we go straight to Scott Adams Keynote. Keynotes are a must. Next one on my list would be Open Source Business Models: A Wall Street Look at a Wild 2006 and the Prospects for Even More Fun in 2007 and Making the World's Best and Brightest Developers Happy to Help You being a bit of FOSS evangelist myself those to seem quite fitting. SQL is one of the the things I use on a daily basis, if the time allows it Do you speak my dialect? Editing, parsing, and building SQL with the DTP SQL Development Tools looks like a catcher too. After that Model Comparison Panel its a good option and for the perfect finale the Exhibitor Reception.

Day tree starts whit Robert Lefkowitz Keynote. What Does Eclipse Need To Do To Become the IDE for Ajax? looks good, another ajaxian (not java-centric hopefully). Then, the long talk i really really want to see: Eclipse PHP Project. PDT is starting (i'm already using 0.7-rc1) and looks promising, with some luck Yossi will show us all the magic behind the PHP Develompent Tools.
What sucks about Eclipse will be fun to watch. Then maybe The Garden & the Market: The Value of Eclipse Open Source or straight to Poster Reception and we call it the day.

And four our last day we start with Herbert Thompson Keynote (of course). Depending on my mood (i might be sad, the end of the conference is near =() i may give Supporting Multiple Programming Languages in Eclipse and The Fine Art of Reverse Engineering a try. I definitely go to Open Source - The New Face of Technology Innovation to cheer up my FOSS spirit and take Eclipse Community Project Spot Light as the finishing touch.

And that makes The Perfect PHP, Web development and Beyond Eclipse Confernce.

Eduardo is a Software Engineer working for Bauer Alonso Consulting, who enjoys reading about the world of libre software. His favorite Linux distribution is Gentoo Linux and his favorite programming enviroment includes PHP & Eclipse. He blogs about Linux, Web Development, System Administration and some bits of networking and the Internet. Eduardo is part of the Eclipsezilla team and helped in the development of the EclipseCon website.

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