EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Bjorn Freeman-Benson's Personal Track

Bjorn Freeman-Benson (Eclipse Foundation)

· Recommended Track

EclipseCon always has more going on than I can possible attend, but of course I start with the keynotes: Scott Adams Keynote, Robert Lefkowitz Keynote, and Herbert Thompson Keynote.

I'm interested in the build systems of Eclipse, thus (3635) PDE Build and build clinic and Putting your Build to the Test: Automated JUnit and Performance Testing the Eclipse Way should be good.

Dynamic languages and scripting are a long time favorite topic of mine, so (3671) Simplify your programming life with Eclipse Monkey and Aptana, Prototyping, Automating, Exploring - Interactively Scripting Eclipse, and Dynamic Languages Toolkit will be interesting. And (S3) Google Web Toolkit: Quick relief of AJAX pain is similarly interesting.

Then there are language-centric talks such as Java 7 Language Features, Supporting Multiple Programming Languages in Eclipse and Assembling your open C and C++ workbench; and there are social-software-centric talks such Unifying Eclipse Collaboration with Corona and Waypoints, Tags, and Tours : Going beyond Eclipse bookmarks via Social Navigation.

And EOS - Eclipse on Swing, RadRails 1.0, g-Eclipse - Access the Grid with Eclipse, Login and Go: Flipping plug-in distribution on its head, and AOP and OSGi - A Marriage Made in Heaven just seem like interesting technology. And I know that Task-focused programming with Mylar *is* interesting technology.

But I also want to keep up with what's new, so I'll try to sit in the short talks room quite a bit for: Eclipse Pluginfest 2007 - Lessons Learned, IPZilla Best Practices - How to speed up review, Eclipse Linux Distros Project Overview, Using Buckminster for Automated Provisioning of Developer Workspaces, , Mylar, XPlanner and Scrum, What ALF means to Eclipse Developers, What is the Eclipse Process Framework, Zest: An Information Visualization Toolkit For Eclipse, : OSGi MEG in Action at Sprint, Validating plug-ins - providing customer value through an Eclipse validation program, What you need to think about when considering/accepting a contribution, Spring-OSGi: The Integration of Spring Framework and OSGi, Team version control mashup with Mylar, , Where do Eclipse bugs come from? The top 10 defects in the Eclipse project., Eclipse on the CLR and I-Cards: How everyone will soon sign-in to everything. Then I'll watch a few demos - Wolfram Workbench Demo, Accessing Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server from Eclipse, Cool stuff in Equinox, Building the next generation weather platform in Eclipse, and Implementing and Deploying Extension Points for Existing Plug-ins with the Aspects Incubator - the Why Eclipse meets the needs of the Embedded Development Lifecycle panel, and the Jazz in Action - Building Jazz with Jazz reception.

And, of course, I'll end the conference at Eclipse Community Project Spot Light.

Bjorn is the Director for Open Source Process at the Eclipse Foundation, a position that is tailor-made for someone with his keen interest and experience in building high-quality software with geographically distributed teams. He has dabbled in applications and user interfaces, but returns, like the swallows to San Juan Capistrano, to his three foci: hardware, software, and process (embedded devices, programming languages, and software engineering). Bjorn has worked for OTI,, Rational, and Gemstone, along with a career as a university professor. He has an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Washington, and is happy to talk at length about his passion for orienteering and/or his love of flying.

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