EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Alex Blewitt's recommendations

Alex Blewitt (EclipseZone)

· Recommended Track

If you're going to be around for Monday's tutorials, then you should definitely look into what's going on in the OSGi world; "(3630) Building Service Oriented Bundle Architectures" and "(3632) Spring and OSGi combined" look as if they're going to be quite interesting. Others that I'd be interested in going to are "(3618) Writing a Java Annotation Processor for Eclipse" and "(3639) Team Collaboration with Eclipse and Maven"

Tuesday opens up with "Scott Adams Keynote" which is practically worth it for the conference money on its own, as well as "Intellectual Property Issues and the Mixing/Blending of Commercial and Open Source Software", "Open Source Business Models: A Wall Street Look at a Wild 2006 and the Prospects for Even More Fun in 2007", "The 2006 Google Summer of Code at Eclipse", "Contributing to Menus with the new API" and finishing off with a look at JP Morgan's "OneBench: Rich Client on Wall Street".

Wednesday opens with "Robert Lefkowitz Keynote", after which Maven makes an appearance in "Enterprise Team Development with Maven and Eclipse". After lunch, there's a choice between "Ubiquitous Eclipse: Equinox everywhere" and ""Free Beer" Enterprise Web Development in Eclipse" (anything with beer in the title ...) and in the afternoon, "AOP and OSGi - A Marriage Made in Heaven" and "Prototyping, Automating, Exploring - Interactively Scripting Eclipse" look to be good.

Thursday's keynote is "Herbert Thompson Keynote", followed by what is likely to be interesting "EOS - Eclipse on Swing" and the likely to be incredibly overpacked "Task-focused programming with Mylar" (get there early). The conference draws to a close with "Putting your Build to the Test: Automated JUnit and Performance Testing the Eclipse Way" and either "Introduction to Eclipse Data Binding" or "Open Source - The New Face of Technology Innovation", and lastly "Eclipse Community Project Spot Light".

Alex Blewitt has worked with Java and XML since their early beginnings. He got involved with Eclipse when it was a fledgling migration from Visual Age for Java into WebSphere Studio and has never looked back. Having started and run a company for 7 years (which outlasted the dot-com crash) he now works for a financial organisation in London, and more recently as Editor in Chief of EclipseZone. He currently lives in Milton Keynes, UK with his wife Amy, son Sam and two dogs Milly and Kea.

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