EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

An All OSGi Track

OSGi Alliance (OSGi Alliance)

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For the first time, EclipseCon hosts a special OSGi track. This track is strongly supported by the OSGi Alliance as the premier OSGi developers conference. So what sessions should you attend to get the most out of the OSGi track? This track will highlight all the OSGi tutorials and long talks.


The first hard choice is on monday. There are three OSGi related tutorials that overlap in time.

As an OSGi embedded developer you can not miss the (3630) Building Service Oriented Bundle Architectures tutorial on monday!

This tutorial will show you hands on how to build applications with real devices. For web developers, this is also highly recommended to learn how incredibly different it is to directly interact with the outside world.

If your work is developing web applications or server side applications, you might be more interested in the Spring work. Over the past year, OSGi Alliance, Interface21, BEA, Oracle, and others have worked to combine Spring and the OSGi service platform resulting in an incredible attractive package to make large server side applications. So if you are interested in Spring, go to (3632) Spring and OSGi combined.

If you use Equinox on the server, (3607) Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications [Part 1] and (3719) Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications [Part 2] is for you. The core group that is working in the Eclipse consortium on server side applications will show you how to build web applications.


Tuesday is an easy day for OSGi developers, though there are many interesting sessions, there are no OSGi track sessions.

However, for all OSGi afficionados: session 3815. BandXI is an OSGi adopter and is doing very interesting work with the OSGi specifications. This session will discuss some of the core advantages of the OSGi specifications.

And you should take the time to visit the short talks and demos. We have the following for today:


Missing OSGi: Was it good for you too? would be a shame. This panel is bound to become very interesting because we will have some of the most seasoned OSGi users explaining their good times with OSGia, but also the bad experiences to give a balanced overview.

After lunch I must see Ubiquitous Eclipse: Equinox everywhere from Jeff McAffer. Jeff has been very instrumental in the OSGi specification process for R4 and we had many good times and some bad(Jeff does not like surprises). He is a terrific speaker and he knows Equinox (the Eclipse OSGi framework implementation) like nobody.

After the break you must go to Services Everywhere: OSGi in Distributed Environments unless you want to miss the (likely) next big step of the OSGi Alliance. Anybody programming with service registry must have realized how attractive it is to distribute your services to other OSGi frameworks. Distribution is a hot topic in the OSGi vehicle group as well as the enterprise group. Jan Rellermeyer has done this and I think we can use his experience for an upcoming release.

The last session for the Wednesday is Enterprise OSGi - how to tackle the problems of large scale applications in OSGi. This is an experience report from Siemens using OSGi on a grand scale. One of the presenters is Tim Diekman who is one of the co-chairs of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group.

And you should take the time to visit the short talks and demos. We have the following for today:


Obviously Service Oriented Device Architecture (SODA) is high on the agenda. This talk ended up in the mobile and embedded track but is extremely applicable for OSGi developers. The next session I will attend is Secure Desktop Applications with Eclipse RCP. Neil Bartlett is an OSGi expert and I am very interested in how he addresses the authentication and authorization issues. The talk has the RCP scope, but I expect many of his experiences to work just as well in any OSGi device.

After lunch The Good, Bad, and Ugly of OSGi: What we learned building the mSA Backplane is a must. BEA has developed a new micro- architecture for their application server based on the OSGi service platform. Obviously, this kernel is core business for a company like BEA. Doing such a project will teach you the good parts and not so good parts of the OSGi technology.

To close this fantastic conference I will attend Using an OSGi Back-end System for the Purpose of Enterprise Management of Eclipse IDEs. One of the key requirements for the OSGi service platform has always been remote management. The possibilities of this architecture are not always visible to an Eclipse user, but the core engine does support it. Dimitar Valtchev and Pavlin Dobrev will show how the OSGi architecture is well suited for remote management by showing how manage a large number of Eclipse installations. However, this technology has an appeal for embedded applications as well.

And you should take the time to visit the short talks and demos. We have the following for today:

This concludes a very busy week, but no doubt a fantastic OSGi week. I hope to meet you in the hallways, do not hesitate to contact me to talk, answer questions, or tell me your OSGi experiences.

On behalf of the OSGi Alliance, Peter Kriens, OSGi Track chair

The OSGi Alliance is an independent non-profit corporation comprised of technology innovators and developers and focused on the interoperability of applications and services based on its component integration platform.

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