EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Ekkehards Modeling / RCP / Enterprise Applications Track

Ekkehard Gentz (Gentz-Software)

· Recommended Track

Unfortunately I missed the last conference in 2006, so I'm happy to come again to this eclipse conference now.

the biggest pain is to select between sessions running at the same time;-)

my focus is on modeling, RCP applications, Enterprise Applications.

be warned - if you follow my recommended tracks you'll have long days and short nights ;-)

daily warm-up

its always interesting to listen to the keynotes:
tuesday: Scott Adams Keynote
wednesday: Robert Lefkowitz Keynote
thursday: Herbert Thompson Keynote

RCP applications

if you're new to RCP UI, this tutorial could be worth to visit: (3585) RCP UI Development in the Eclipse Workbench [Part 1]

You want to know all about the new Menus API ? here it is: Contributing to Menus with the new API

Data Binding is always an important part for your RCP: Introduction to Eclipse Data Binding

All about integrating Mozilla and OpenOffice - a must for each ERP solution: RCP with Eclipse, Mozilla and OpenOffice: the giant mashup

reporting with BIRT is great: How to Easily Integrate BIRT Reports into your Web Application and Charting with Eclipse BIRT and Integrating Java code with Eclipse BIRT and Dynamic BIRT Reporting

Security is a missing thing from eclipse RCP, so I want to watch Secure Desktop Applications with Eclipse RCP

on tuesday 14:30 I want to see what kind of RCP application will be Notes 8: Eclipse RCP teaches old dog new tricks!

modeling stuff

if you want to know, what you can do with eclipse from a MDSD view, you should really visit this tutorial (3627) MDSD from Frontend to Code using Eclipse Modeling Technologies

on tuesday I want to hear the newest things from UML2: What do YOU want UML to be?

on wednesday: M2M with eclipse: Model-to-model transformations using Eclipse tools

if you're using openArchitectureWare as I do, you can write your own DSL and then it could be nice to have your own DSL-specific editor. watch this session, how to use GMF: GMF Best Practices

you need to model your Business processes ? From Modelling to Execution in the Enterprise-- using BPMN and BPEL

enterprise application development

because I already know the MDSD stuff from monday, I can visit the tutorial (3648) Creating Enterprise Business Applications Using Eclipse RCP and later refresh my plugin-development knowledge with (3674) Building Commercial-Quality Eclipse Plug-Ins [Part 1 & 2]
unfortunately the Tutorial about (S3) Google Web Toolkit: Quick relief of AJAX pain is at the same time. My ERP solution will mainly be an eclipse RCP solution, but for the web-part I'll use the GWT.

Mylar will help you to manage large applications better and to integrate your bugtrackingsystem: Task-focused programming with Mylar

should I move from ANT to Maven ? perhaps some answers after visiting Enterprise Team Development with Maven and Eclipse

I'm just writing a hibernate cartridge for openArchitectureWare and the hibernate tools are great to control the generated stuff. so on thursday 13:30 I want to go to Hibernate Tools


BOF's are good to meet interesting people and to discuss themes. From day to day there are more BOFs listed at EclipseCon - where to go ? I think I'll visit these BOF's:

on monday evening I want to hear more about: Eclipse Data Binding BoF

after this BOF there's a BOF about Server Side Eclipse and OSGi BoF

on tuesday evening first (19:30 - 20:45) I'll watch the Mylar BOF, to discuss the future of Mylar: Mylar BoF

on tuesday a second BOF (20:45 - 22:00) is hard to decide: there's a session 4213 and a Modeling BoF. Because modeling is the heart of my development process I'll go to Ed Merks BOF.

on wednesday its again hard to decide for me - the SWT BOF and the Jazz BOF are partially at the same time. I'll visit at first Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) BoF where Steve Northover will also talk about Eclipse on the Mac. I switched my development last year completely to Mac OSX, so this will be very interesting for me. (or is it the promised free beer ? ;-)
perhaps later I'll go to Jazz in Action - Building Jazz with Jazz. I want to see, how Jazz will help me to organize distributed teams.

why else visiting EclipseCon ?

I hope to meet many friends from last conferences and to see some of you on my recommended tracks.
good places to meet are Poster Reception and Exhibitor Reception

on monday evening I want to see who gets the Eclipse Community Awards & Gameshow

For an independent developer like me its very expensive to go to a conference in US (flight from munich...), but from my experiences the EclipseCon is always worth the money.

born in 1951, developing ERP solutions since 1978, first in Cobol. Since 2000 using Java and since 2001 working with Eclipse. Heavy use of Open Source Technology / frameworks. My actual project is to create a german ERP solution for medium-sized companies (specialized for Waste & Recycling Companies): Eclipse Rich Client / Hibernate / Spring / Birt... ModelDriven with openArchitectureWare...

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