EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Tools for Enterprise Developers

Ian Skerrett (Eclipse Foundation)

· Recommended Track

building JEE, web services and web applications. Eclipse also provides support for other languages, such as C/C++, PHP, and others.

This track highlights the tutorials and sessions that are focused on the tools used by Enterprise developers.

(S1) Developing JPA (Java Persistence API) based applications on Eclipse and BEA Workshop Studio
(3644) Building Reports with BIRT
(3630) Building Service Oriented Bundle Architectures
(3621) Introduction to Eclipse Process Framework: EPF Composer and OpenUP/Basic
(3675) Testing , Profiling and Monitoring Web Applications with TPTP
(3595) The STP BPMN modeler
(3633) Building applications with WTP - Java Persistence API (JPA)
(3669) Profiling Java applications using Eclipse TPTP
(S2) Developing JSF on Eclipse and BEA Workshop Studio
(3654) Building applications with WTP - JavaServer Faces (JSF)
(3638) Java Web Application Development with Eclipse WTP

Long Talks
Eclipse Ajax Toolkit Framework
Task-focused programming with Mylar
BIRT: Introduction to the Eclipse Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools Project
Do you speak my dialect? Editing, parsing, and building SQL with the DTP SQL Development Tools
Introduction to Web Services Tools in WTP
Eclipse and Industry Verticals: The healthcare experience
Unifying Eclipse Collaboration with Corona
Enterprise Team Development with Maven and Eclipse
How to Easily Integrate BIRT Reports into your Web Application
Testing Java Applications Using the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP)
Charting with Eclipse BIRT
Eclipse PHP Project
Profiling Java applications with TPTP
XML Development Tools in Eclipse WTP and Beyond
RadRails 1.0
RAP - Eclipse style development for the web
Prototyping, Automating, Exploring - Interactively Scripting Eclipse
Integrating Java code with Eclipse BIRT
Dynamic BIRT Reporting
Putting your Build to the Test: Automated JUnit and Performance Testing the Eclipse Way
Solving Real-World Problems with TPTP Static Analysis

Short Talks
Using Buckminster for Automated Provisioning of Developer Workspaces

Mylar, XPlanner and Scrum
Inside Subversive - The Subversion Team Provider
Regression Testing with TPTP ’s Automated GUI Recorder
Parsing Log Files with Generic Log Adapter
Team version control mashup with Mylar

Problem Determination using TPTP's Log Analyzer
Reporting of your POJOs with Crystal Reports for Eclipse
Take A Ride With Data-Driving Your TPTP Test

Making Unit Testing Part of Your Development Process: How to Get Your Team to Do It

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