EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Apache Harmony: Developing the Java platform with Eclipse

Tim Ellison (IBM United Kingdom Limited)

· Short Talk

Wednesday, 16:30, 10 minutes | Ballroom GHAB


Apache Harmony is building a complete, compatible, open-source implementation of Java. The project has a pluggable, modular architecture that supports interoperability between multiple implementations of the Java Virtual Machine, and well-defined functional areas of the Java class library. A strong modular architecture for the class libraries, realized as a set of Eclipse PDE projects, has enabled a disparate set of developers to collaborate effectively on a code base of over a million lines of Java code. It also allows us to drop in components such as the Eclipse compiler for Java for use by the JDK's javac tool. In this talk I will demonstrate the phenomenal progress we have made, reaching over 95% complete of the Java SE 5.0 APIs. I'll describe some of the unique problems we experienced developing core class libraries with Eclipse JDT and PDE tooling, and the solutions that were developed in conjunction with the wider team. I'll show how defining the class library modularity using OSGi metadata enables us to enforce good development practices, and solve some problems usually inherent in the Java runtime model. This talk will appeal to practitioners and developers with an interest in open source innovation around the Java platform, and includes a demo of cool applications that run well on Apache Harmony.

Tim Ellison is a senior software engineer in the Java Technology Centre based at IBM United Kingdom Laboratories in Hursley. He holds a BSc in Computer Science, and an MSc in System Design from the University of Manchester. Tim has contributed to the implementation of Smalltalk, IBM VisualAge Micro Edition, Eclipse, and the Java SDK over a period of twenty years. He is a member of the Apache Harmony Project Management Committee, and is interested in new ways of applying object technology to difficult problems.

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