EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

OSGi in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Applications

Byron K. Appelt (SensorLogic, Inc.)

· Poster

This talk has been accepted but has not yet been assigned a time slot.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications refers to the networking of machines and sensors, especially over public wireless networks such as cellular or satellite. Currently, most remote devices are relatively simple devices, merely relaying sensor readings to the back-end infrastructure. Simple C programming is the dominant paradigm, sometimes even run without an OS. With increasing device capabilities and lowered cost, there is a growing trend for these devices to be more complex and perform sophisticated local data processing and control. Along with this trend comes an increase in the need for Over-the-Air-Programming (OTAP) and a system to deploy and manage the onboard software. Additionally, a more modular programming environment can provide significant benefits. OSGi offers many obvious benefits to the world of M2M. This poster will show how we have utilized OSGi in our M2M deployments. It will show how a sample M2M application can be componentized into bundles and how various OSGi features such as the service registry, initial provisioning, wiring service, etc., can be applied to M2M applications – and the benefits realized through OSGi use.

Byron Appelt is the lead developer for devices and gateways at SensorLogic, Inc., a provider of on-demand Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications. Byron has a BSEE from the University of Texas at Arlington and has been working with Java on embedded systems for 8 years.

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