EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Ken's Embedded Tracks

Ken Walker (IBM Canada)

· Recommended Track

The following are various sessions I'd like to see to help both in Embedded development and in the development of the tooling and platforms that I work on in my day to day life. My day to day life includes writing Cleanroom implementations of Java Specification Requests and porting J9 to various platforms. The work involves both native and Java coding.

So lets start with the keynotes of course, there's Scott Adams Keynote (hoping for free Dilbert bling), and Herbert Thompson Keynote since we provide a fair amount of cryptography in our code base.

If I can weasle some extra money out of big blue I'll go to the tutorials (3588) Development with the embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP), (3611) The Two Faces of MTJ then (3651) Building Tools on the Target Management RSE Framework since I wrote a Remote build system I might as well look for ways to bring it up to current speed.

Tuesday I'd attend Why Eclipse meets the needs of the Embedded Development Lifecycle, eRCP - Ready for prime time!, C++ GUI Builder for Mobile or Embedded devices and then the Exhibitor Reception to look for anything mobility related and beer related.

Wednesday brings Service Oriented Device Architecture (SODA), C/C++ Source Code Introspection Using the CDT. While I'm in Profiling Mobile and Embedded Java Applications in Eclipse IDE I'll try to figure out how to run it with J9 on some weird platform.

As far as Short Talks and DemosI think I'll have to wait until the dust settles.

I'm hoping to hook up with a lot of device developers while there. Look me up!

Ken is the J9 Embedded Java Class Library Lead. He has worked on implementing cleanroom Java Class Libraries for the embedded segment for over 8 years. He is also the Specification Lead on JSR-075, wrote the TCK and RI and has contributed to other JSRs. He is an Eclipse Technology Committer for the eRCP Test Harness. Previous tasks included assisting in the design and development of VisualAge for Java and IBM/OTI Smalltalk. He has spoken at EclipseCon 2006, Numerous JavaOnes and other Embedded Technology related conferences. He's still looking for an African Drumming conference to talk at mind you....

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