EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Chris Aniszczyk's (zx) Groovy Picks

Chris Aniszczyk (IBM)

· Recommended Track

I will be listing EclipseCon submissions that I deem valuable and align with my current interests of eRCP, PDE/OSGi, Modeling and cool technology projects that people may not have heard of. I also have a preference for talks that come from the so called "trenches."
- (3635) PDE Build and build clinic
- (3645) Fundamentals of Eclipse Plug-in and RCP Development
- (3607) Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications [Part 1]
- Ubiquitous Eclipse: Equinox everywhere

- (3619) Effective use of the Eclipse Modeling Framework

- (3588) Development with the embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP)
- Services Everywhere: OSGi in Distributed Environments
- Why Eclipse meets the needs of the Embedded Development Lifecycle

- (3701) A Tour of the Eclipse Debug Framework [Part 1 & 2]
- (3588) Development with the embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP)
- (3626) Eclipse APIs and Java 5
- (3641) Developing with the Rich Ajax Platform
- (3672) Eclipse & DITA: Write Once, Use Everywhere!
- (3624) Extending your DSM by leveraging the GMF Runtime
- (3664) UI Forms: I can't believe it's not browser

Chris Aniszczyk is a software engineer at IBM Lotus focusing on OSGi related development. He is an open source enthusiast at heart, and he works on the Gentoo Linux distribution and is a committer on a few Eclipse projects (PDE, ECF, EMFT). He's always available to discuss open source and Eclipse over a frosty beverage.

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