EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Some interesting stuff

Eugene Kuleshov (n/a)

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An Evening of Plug-in Development
Server Side Eclipse and OSGi BoF
Eclipse Project Blue Sky BoF
Mylar BoF
Equinox BoF
Automated Java GUI Testing BoF
Higgins BoF
(3701) A Tour of the Eclipse Debug Framework [Part 1 & 2]
(3597) Developing an Editor for Directed Graphs with the Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework.
(3626) Eclipse APIs and Java 5
(3635) PDE Build and build clinic
(3575) Eclipse plug-in development with AspectJ
(3639) Team Collaboration with Eclipse and Maven
(3629) Extending the Eclipse Visual Editor - deep dive
(3634) Extending the XML and source editors from the WTP Project
(3693) JDT fundamentals - Become a JDT tool smith
(3632) Spring and OSGi combined
Eclipse Community Awards & Gameshow
An Evening of Plug-in Development
Web Tools Platform (WTP) Committer, Contributor, and Wannabe Committer BoF
Scott Adams Keynote
Getting Hooked on the Equinox Framework
Java 7 Language Features
Enabling plug-ins to extend your application's data model
Task-focused programming with Mylar
Using Buckminster for Automated Provisioning of Developer Workspaces
The 2006 Google Summer of Code at Eclipse
Mylar, XPlanner and Scrum
Contributing to Menus with the new API
Adopting WTP in Your Products
Dynamic Languages Toolkit
Team version control mashup with Mylar
Exhibitor Reception
Mylar BoF
Equinox BoF
Modeling BoF
Cool stuff in Equinox
What's new in SWT 3.3
Wolfram Workbench Demo
Integrating OSGi Bundle Repository (OBR) inside Eclipse for Bundle Deployment
ECF for Collaborating Within Eclipse...and on Eclipse
Inside Subversive - The Subversion Team Provider
Clean Up your Java code
What's New in AJDT
Creating Multiple Java Class Libraries and Test Suites from a Single Source
Enterprise Team Development with Maven and Eclipse
What sucks about Eclipse
Developing Parallel Programs - PTP's PLDT
Using Buckminster to Manage "Virtual" Software Distros
g-Eclipse - Access the Grid with Eclipse
AOP and OSGi - A Marriage Made in Heaven
From Eclipse to Jazz: perspectives on toolsmithing the Eclipse way
Where do Eclipse bugs come from? The top 10 defects in the Eclipse project.
Top ten Eclipse annoyances II : the return
Making the most of the Eclipse Compare Framework
Versioning plug-ins is good for you and the eclipse ecosystem
Enterprise OSGi - how to tackle the problems of large scale applications in OSGi
Styling SWT Widgets Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Poster Reception
Jazz in Action - Building Jazz with Jazz
Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) BoF
Java 5: A Developer's Experience
Simplified Web based Access to Resources through OSGi
Simply writing more unit tests with moreUnit
Enhancing Content Assist using Machine Learning Techniques.
Spring-OSGi: The Integration of Spring Framework and OSGi
The Fine Art of Reverse Engineering
Eclipse Community Project Spot Light

Eugene Kuleshov is a developer and IT consultant with over 10 years in the software industry. He is working with Java/J2EE technology from its early days. Eugene is a committer on Mylar and Subclipse projects. He authored several Eclipse plug-ins, including VisualGC, Splitter Patch and plug-in for Maven 2.0 and contributed number of bug reports, enhancement requests and patches to the Eclipse Platform. You can read his blog at

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