EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Usability and User Interface Best Practices in Eclipse

Bob Fraser (BEA Systems), Mik Kersten (University of British Columbia), Kimberley Peter (IBM Toronto Lab), Konstantin Komissarchik (BEA Systems), Benjamin Pasero (independent), Tod Creasey (IBM), Kevin McGuire (IBM Canada)

· Panel

Thursday, 13:30, 50 minutes | Theater


Mik Kersten

Kimberley Peter

Konstantin Komissarchik

Benjamin Pasero

Tod Creasey

Kevin McGuire

Eclipse is a wonderfully extensible toolkit and a powerful tool. Whether you are creating a project or extending a tool, there are numerous interface design and usability decisions to make. These decisions always affect the users, but they often affect other developers who might choose to extend your work. Good design choices and clear user interface guidelines are extremely important in a development environment where multiple developers contribute interfaces that together form a single user experience.

This open panel will provide the audience with the opportunity to discuss their experiences, and best practices in user interface design. A panel consisting of a cross-section of developers and user interface designers with diverse experiences creating, extending, and consuming Eclipse projects will answer audience questions and share their views on creating a great user experience.

Bob Fraser is a senior product manager at BEA Systems responsible for the development of the Eclipse-based Workshop product family. He is active in the Eclipse community as a member of the requirements council and chair of the User Interface Best Practices Working Group.

Mik Kersten is the lead of the Mylar project, and a committer on the AspectJ and AJDT projects. While working Xerox PARC Mik created the IDE support for AspectJ, and plug-ins for JBuilder, NetBeans, VisualStudio, and Emacs. He is now completing his PhD at the University of British Columbia, and focused on helping Eclipse reduce information overload by making the context of the tasks we work on explicit.

Kimberley Peter is a visual designer with the IBM Toronto Media Design Studio. She works on user interface design for Eclipse and IBM Rational Software products, with a focus on Jazz UI since 2005. Kimberley is also a co-author of the Eclipse User Interface Guidelines.

Konstantin is a committer on the Web Tools Platform (WTP) project. He has a BS degree in Computer Science from University of Washington and has worked in a variety different areas of the field, ranging from compiler technology to custom server and communication protocol design to most recently tools development.

Benjamin Pasero is the developer of the opensource newsreader RSSOwl. He is well experienced in the Eclipse Rich Client Platform with a focus on SWT and JFace and has written a number of articles on this topic, as well as giving workshops at conferences. Benjamin can be reached via e-mail to bpasero {_at_}

Tod Creasey has been working with the IBM Canada since 1993 on a variety of IDEs starting with Envy developer and progressing through the Visual Age family of Smalltalk and Java IDEs. Tod joined the Eclipse team during the tech preview and has been a member of the Workbench team, now working for IBM Rational Software.

Kevin's history with Eclipse is about as long as you can get, being one of the original Eclipse team members before it went open source. His area of specialty is tooling and user interfaces design and development. He's had various Eclipse related roles including team lead and committer for Team/CVS, architecture group team member, UI design and development lead for IBM WebSphere Integration Developer, and presently a member of the Eclipse Platform UI team. Before Eclipse, Kevin has been a team lead and developer on IBM and OTI tooling projects such as Visual Age for Java, Visual Age for Smalltalk, and Envy Smalltalk.

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