EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Bernd's unsorted interests

Bernd Kolb (KolbW@re / Applied-Abstractions)

· Recommended Track

Scott Adams Keynote
Getting Hooked on the Equinox Framework
Java 7 Language Features
Eclipse RCP: Experiences along the way
Introduction to Eclipse Data Binding
The 2006 Google Summer of Code at Eclipse
Integrating RMI with OSGi
RCP with Eclipse, Mozilla and OpenOffice: the giant mashup
TOPCASED Modeling Tools
What is M2T?
Contributing to Menus with the new API
Eclipse Everywhere!
Dynamic Languages Toolkit
What is MDT?
Effective Model Driven Development using Eclipse
Eclipse Summit Europe 2007 BoF
Equinox BoF
Modeling BoF
Cool stuff in Equinox
Model-to-model transformations using Eclipse tools
Debugging native methods in Java applications
OSGi: Was it good for you too?
RCP Patterns and Anti-Patterns
Ubiquitous Eclipse: Equinox everywhere
What sucks about Eclipse
g-Eclipse - Access the Grid with Eclipse
AOP and OSGi - A Marriage Made in Heaven
From Eclipse to Jazz: perspectives on toolsmithing the Eclipse way
GMF Best Practices
Top ten Eclipse annoyances II : the return
Pack200 compression for your plugins - how to use it, and how it works
Services Everywhere: OSGi in Distributed Environments
Reverse Engineering in Eclipse with the MoDisco project
Apache Harmony: Developing the Java platform with Eclipse
Enterprise OSGi - how to tackle the problems of large scale applications in OSGi
SAFARI: A Meta-Tooling Platform for Creating Language-Specific IDE's
Jazz in Action - Building Jazz with Jazz
Herbert Thompson Keynote
Secure Desktop Applications with Eclipse RCP
Spring-OSGi: The Integration of Spring Framework and OSGi
Teneo: Model Driven Relational Persistence, Persisting EMF Models using Hibernate/JPOX
The Good, Bad, and Ugly of OSGi: What we learned building the mSA Backplane
Using an OSGi Back-end System for the Purpose of Enterprise Management of Eclipse IDEs
TOPCASED - Toolkit In OPen source for Critical Applications & SystEms Development
An All OSGi Track

Bernd Kolb focuses on model-driven software development and eclipse technologies. As a consultant he worked in different domains from tooling for automotive embedded systems to enterprise Java applications. He is a regular speaker at conferences and has written a number of articles as well as co-authored a book. Bernd is a committer in the Eclipse Modeling Project and can be reached via e-mail to b.kolb {_at_}

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