EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

UI Forms Get a Face-lift!

Kimberley Peter (IBM Toronto Lab), Dejan Glozic (IBM)

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Dejan Glozic

In Eclipse 3.3, the UI Forms received a face-lift, and it was not just about good looks -- a number of new features were added that improve the user experience and extend the capabilities for a growing number of form-based clients. Enhancements include: color refinements across form elements, style updates to the header and body section titles, header-level error decoration and messaging, and busy indication in the header area. New features include: one- and two-row header layout variations; support for variable controls including tool items, combos, fields and buttons; drag and drop support to and from the header title area; context menu support and affordance on the header title area; and local error validation on controls in body that work in concert with the header-level validation. This poster will illustrate the various enhancements and features coming in Eclipse 3.3.

Kimberley Peter is a visual designer with the IBM Toronto Media Design Studio. She works on user interface design for Eclipse and IBM Rational Software products, with a focus on Jazz UI since 2005. Kimberley is also a co-author of the Eclipse User Interface Guidelines.

Dr Dejan Glozic was one of the first members of the Eclipse UI team. He currently works at the IBM Toronto Laboratory, Ontario, where he leads an Eclipse team responsible for PDE, User Assistance and Install/Update components. Before Eclipse, Dejan was widely known as 'the JFace guy', being responsible for the creation of the widely used JFace user interface framework that was later incorporated into the Eclipse platform. He is also known as 'the pixel freak' possibly due to his obsessive-compulsive insistence that all the pixels in the UI must align 'just so'. One of his more recent pixel fixations was Eclipse Forms used in PDE editors and the new help view.

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