EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Wayne's Mylar, Embedded, and Ajax/RAP track

Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)

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Naturally, I'm starting off with the keynotes: Scott Adams Keynote, Robert Lefkowitz Keynote, and Herbert Thompson Keynote. Of course, I never miss a chance to hear fearless leader speak, so I'm going to attend Eclipse Community Project Spot Light. Come, bask in the glow that is Mike.

There's only one talk specifically targetting Mylar, so I'm attending Task-focused programming with Mylar. I keep hearing that Maven complements Mylar, so I'm planning to attend Enterprise Team Development with Maven and Eclipse. We're going to have put together a BoF for Mylar; I'm quite certain there will be a lot of interest.

For eRCP, I'll start with the short tutorial (3588) Development with the embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP) and then maybe (3611) The Two Faces of MTJ on Monday. I say maybe, because I'd also like to attend (3641) Developing with the Rich Ajax Platform which competes for the time slot. On Tuesday, it'll be off to eRCP - Ready for prime time! and the Why Eclipse meets the needs of the Embedded Development Lifecycle panel.

For RAP, I may attend (3641) Developing with the Rich Ajax Platform on Monday (again, depending on that conflict with the MTJ talk). On Tuesday, Eclipse Ajax Toolkit Framework looks like a good bet. On Wednesday, RAP - Eclipse style development for the web looks good.

As for wildcards, I'm curious about EOS - Eclipse on Swing, Migrating a Visual Studio Product to Eclipse, Supporting Multiple Programming Languages in Eclipse, Enterprise OSGi - how to tackle the problems of large scale applications in OSGi, Introduction to Eclipse Data Binding, and Dynamic Languages Toolkit.

Wayne Beaton is employed by The Eclipse Foundation where he works as an evangelist, spreading the word and helping folks adopt Eclipse technologies. Wayne has extensive experience in object-oriented software development and is a strong proponent of refactoring, unit testing, and agile development methodologies.

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