EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Richard Gronback's Personal Track

Richard Gronback (Borland Software Corporation)

· Recommended Track

I guess I should have considered my Recommended Track before scheduling the talks ;) Conflicts aside, I was able to devise this plan for making my way through another EclipseCon.

On tutorial day, I'll start out with (3626) Eclipse APIs and Java 5 in the morning, with (3655) Intro Framework: Making a Good First Impression and (3614) Report Integration - The BIRT API's in the afternoon.

Of course, Tuesday morning will start with Scott Adams Keynote, along with some modeling talks What do YOU want UML to be? and Modeling Generics with Ecore. After lunch, some short talks, TOPCASED Modeling Tools, Model Comparison Panel, and some more short talks. In the evening, session 4212.

Wednesday starts with Robert Lefkowitz Keynote, and continues with a diverse set of talks: OSGi: Was it good for you too?, Model-to-model transformations using Eclipse tools, What sucks about Eclipse, RAP - Eclipse style development for the web, From Modelling to Execution in the Enterprise-- using BPMN and BPEL, and SAFARI: A Meta-Tooling Platform for Creating Language-Specific IDE's. In the evening, 4248.

On the final day, another diverse set of talks, following Herbert Thompson Keynote. After Supporting Multiple Programming Languages in Eclipse, and a security talk to complement the morning's keynote Secure Desktop Applications with Eclipse RCP, back to a modeling topic Teneo: Model Driven Relational Persistence, Persisting EMF Models using Hibernate/JPOX and an old favorite topic Solving Real-World Problems with TPTP Static Analysis. The conference ends with the PMC roundup Eclipse Community Project Spot Light.

Richard Gronback is a Chief Scientist at Borland Software Corporation and currently leads the Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) project. Richard represents Borland at the Eclipse Foundation and co-leads the Eclipse Modeling Project. In addition to model-driven development technologies, Richard maintains a casual obsession with object-oriented software metrics and their application. Richard has previously worked for TogetherSoft, Ariba, Andersen Consulting, and in a previous life, operated nuclear reactors on Navy submarines. Richard holds a BSE in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Connecticut.

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