Have you ever attended a conference and had a hard time meeting people interested in your favorite topics? Well, we have, so at EclipseCon we've added lunch-time Table Topics. Each lunch table will have a small sign listing a topic. Just find a table with a topic that interests you and, voila!, you'll be sitting with a group of like minded people. Some of them will be experts, some will be novices, but all will be interested in that same topic so strike up a conversation and enjoy the food and the company.

  1. Ant
  2. CVS
  3. Team Support (Not CVS)
  4. Debug
  5. Help and User Documentation
  6. Eclipse Release Engineering
  7. Scripting
  8. Licensing Models
  9. Venture Capital
  10. Eclipse Market Dynamics
  11. Building a Business Around Eclipse
  12. SWT
  13. Text Editors
  14. OSGI
  15. User Interface Design
  16. J2SE 5 / Java 1.5
  17. Xdoclet
  18. XML
  19. C/C++ and CDT
  20. JDT ASTs and APIs
  21. Graphical Editor Framework (GEF)
  22. Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
  23. COBOL
  24. Fortran
  25. Visual Editor Framework (VE)
  26. UML and UML2
  27. Parallel Tools Platform
  28. Voice Tools Project
  29. Eclipse Trust Framework
  30. BIRT
  31. Test and Performance Tools
  32. Starting a new Eclipse project
  33. The website
  34. Web Tools Platform (WTP)
  35. Eclipse Communications Framework (ECF)
  36. Rich Client Platform
  37. Embedded Rich Client Platform
  38. Pollinate
  39. AspectJ and AJDT
  40. Concern Manipulation Environment
  41. ECESIS (Eclipse Community Education Project)
  42. Eclipse Development Process
  43. Equinox
  44. Generative Model Transformer
  45. Data Tools Project
  46. Language Development Tools (LDT)
  47. Linux
  48. Macintosh
  49. C#
  50. Perl
  51. Python
  52. Content Management Systems
  53. Implementing an IDE for a new language