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February 28, 2005

Are You Taking Photographs at EclipseCon?

Hey all you shutterbugs out there, send us your best images! We're anxious to see how you are capturing the conference, and we'd like to share it with the many people who were not able to attend. You can send your images to webmaster@eclipsecon.org.

640x480 resolution would be best, but we're able to work with larger sizes. Please don't send more than 4 megs of attachments!

Posted by EclipseCon Staff at 02:11 PM

February 27, 2005

EclipseCon2005: A Great Place To Be

EclipseCon is your opportunity to get in-depth technical information from the Eclipse experts, learn the latest tips and techniques for using the Eclipse tools, network with fellow Eclipse enthusiasts and experience the breadth and depth of the Eclipse community.

Posted by Melody at 08:43 PM

February 22, 2005

EclipseCon 2005 is sold out!

EclipseCon attendees are going to fill the conference center to capacity! We're all looking forward to a great week! If you've missed the chance to register, you can still sign up for the waiting list. And, a limited number of exhibits only passes are still available.

Posted by EclipseCon Team at 02:52 PM

Don't miss the Eclipse Game Show on Monday evening!

A special event, designed to challenge your knowledge of Eclipse Trivia, the Eclipse Game Show takes place on Monday evening. Our thanks to Borland for their generous support!

And, wondering about which lunch-time table topics to join or which posters to put on the "be sure to visit" list? Check out the links on the Special Activities and Events page!

Posted by EclipseCon Team at 07:12 AM

February 18, 2005

More Special Events at EclipseCon!

Mark your calendars for the WTP, EMF/UML2 and TPTP Projects Sprints on Monday! And, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, be sure to visit receptions hosted by Genuitec, IBM and Sybase!

Posted by EclipseCon Team at 11:28 AM

February 07, 2005

Submit a Poster by February 21st!

Submissions for the Poster reception are still open! But, you'll need to send in your submission by Monday February 21st! For more details, see the instructions in the Call for Contributions.

Posted by EclipseCon Team at 06:53 AM

February 04, 2005

Program Update: Plan your conference visit around the Program Themes

To help oganize your EclipseCon week, the project teams have provided a summary of the sessions and events on key Eclipse topic areas. Check out the themes pages for the Rich Client Platform, Web Tools Platform, Test and Performance Tools Platform and the Business and Information Reporting Tools Projects!

Posted by EclipseCon Team at 07:56 AM

February 01, 2005

Special Activities and Events at EclipseCon

Start planning your eclipseCon week with the events you won't want to miss! Watch the Special Activites and Events page for updates!

Posted by EclipseCon Team at 02:48 PM