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January 21, 2005

RCP at EclipseCon

Eclipse as a Rich Client Platform started in the realm of hackers. Then, with Eclipse 3.0, it became a fully-fledged, supported configuration of Eclipse. The use and features of the Eclipse RCP has expanded and Eclipse 3.1 promises still more capabilities. EclipseCon 2005 includes many opportunities for you to learn more about RCP as it is and as it will be. There are technical "how to" sessions on RCP for end-to-end scenarios (Orme 01.3) and deploying RCP apps (Burnette 06.2), talks from the edge on RCP in strange places (McAffer/Lemieux 03.1) and in embedded environments (Robbins 05.3) and a report on using RCP as a platform for managing spacecraft operations (Norris 11.3). Of course there are various other talks (e.g., Eclipse Communications Framework Lewis 09.1) that are not directly on RCP but may be of interest to the RCP community.

In addition to talks, there are two tutorials on RCP and several others that will interest RCP developers. Developing for the RCP (tutorial 26) and Developing RCP applications (tutorial 08) speak directly to the RCP facilities and special considerations needed when developing RCP-based products. Tutorial 24 (Creating, Packaging ,Testing and Deploying Features) is not specifically RCP-related but much of the success you will enjoy with RCP depends on your ability to carry out the tasks covered. Tutorials 02 (Workbench and JFace Foundation) and 05 (Introduction to SWT) offer background knowledge on Eclipse UI technology that no RCP development team would be complete without.

Throughout EclipseCon there are a number of less formal events from Technolgy Exchanges to Birds-of-a-Feather sessions on RCP and related technologies. Attendees are encouraged to look for these on the program and bulletin boards in the conference center.

Jeff McAffer, Nick Edgar and the RCP Team

Posted by EclipseCon Team at January 21, 2005 12:00 AM