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Spread the Word About EclipseCon 2004

Get involved with making the first-ever EclipseCon, an absolute success! 

Here are a few ways you can help drive attendance to EclipseCon 2004. Remember ---with more attendees comes more learning and interaction that will add to the already numerous benefits of EclipseCon! Make sure that not one of your peers in the Eclipse community misses out on this first gathering focusing on Eclipse open source technology.

  • Spread the word about EclipseCon 2004 through blogs, user groups and online forums.

  • Notify colleagues including your company's Human Resources dept. and Training division.

  • Distribute official EclipseCon 2004 flyers at upcoming events. Print off copies of the flyer by clicking here. Highlight technical talks of interest when speaking with others about the event or read recent press releases for background on the latest information about EclipseCon. 

  • Post an EclipseCon 2004 icon on your website (see below choices).

Thanks to all in advance for helping to promote this new and exciting conference! 

As a way of showing Eclipse's sincere thanks for helping to join the effort in contributing to the success of EclipseCon, we will post a link to your organization from the
EclipseCon Friends webpage found here.
Please send email to pr@eclipsecon.org to notify us of your contribution
and we will add you to the growing list of organizations 
who are generously lending their support!

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EclipseCon 2004
<a href="http://www.eclipsecon.org" target="_blank">
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